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Bangladesh - Diplomatic - January 9, 2024

China entered BD to disturb India

A warning for US

Asifiqbal Thakoor, Delhi : India’s neighbor Bangladesh’s parliamentary elections last month attracted the attention of many parts of the world. The ruling Awami League under Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina won the election by a landslide without any opposition from the opposition. This vision is attracted not only because of that.
This is due to geographical location and geopolitical reasons in the region. Bangladesh has been in the headlines many times for this. In fact, Bangladesh is not only a close neighbor of India, but also one of the close partners of China in recent times. Recently, the opposition party in Bangladesh has complained that there are no democratic values left in Bangladesh, under which elections can be held. For this they boycotted the election.

On the other hand, the United States and some countries of the European Union expressed concern about democratic freedom in Bangladesh. Although India has refrained from commenting on the internal affairs of Bangladesh, China and Russia have supported Sheikh Hasina on how the elections are being held in Bangladesh.
In fact, they indirectly told the US not to meddle in the internal affairs of Bangladesh.
US vs. China
It is not surprising that two powerful countries of the world are threatening each other over the Bangladesh issue. Sheikh Hasina’s Bangladesh is at a position on the world map that makes them super important to both China and the US. China is not only helping Bangladesh’s growth and development. At the same time, Bangladesh is receiving assistance from the Chinese government in the defense sector. China has supplied weapons, resources, military tanks and warplanes to Sheikh Hasina’s government in the past decade. Bangladesh has bought submarines from China.
Strategic seaports: China’s achievements in Bangladesh
This means that China is strategically forcing Bangladesh like Myanmar, Cambodia, Pakistan and other countries to be very dependent on them. In this case, China’s main objective is to reach the anchor of Bangladesh near India, so that they can focus on New Delhi. In the name of mega infrastructure development, China’s main objective is to get access to Bangladeshi ports from Yunnan Province, which is very close to India.
Annoyed United States
Recently, while the US is increasingly concerned about China’s growing influence in the Indo-Pacific region, there is a power struggle between the US and China. That is, supporting countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Bangladesh, who can be close to them. It is actually a power struggle over control of the South China Sea, Andaman Sea and parts of the Indian Ocean.
Balancing Bangladesh
When the United States failed to have any influence on the elections in Bangladesh due to allegations of human rights violations and voting in an undemocratic environment, Sheikh Hasina is returning to clear power with a large majority in the elections held through the exclusion of opposition parties. So, China’s entry into Bangladesh is the starting point of a mountain of diplomatic and geopolitical challenges for both India and the US. Bangladesh has promised India that they will maintain ‘great’ friendship with India at any cost. It will not allow any foreign power to use its soil to do harm against India. Bangladesh also promised that China’s role in Bangladesh should be seen as a development partner. China is not a strategic partner like India. But in reality, when a country like Bangladesh changes its ‘gear’, it can no longer manage China.

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