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Bangladesh - December 2, 2023

Conflict between Zahid FarukEx-mayor heating up politics

Scenario of Barishal

Staff Correspondent, Barishal: The division in the politics of Awami League around Barisal city elections has taken its final shape in the parliamentary elections. General Secretary of Metropolitan Awami League and outgoing Mayor Sadiq Abdullah did not even seek party nomination for Barisal-5 (Sadar) constituency in the 12th National Assembly elections. Current Member of Parliament and Minister of State for Water Resources Zahid Farooq has been nominated.
In this situation, the metropolitan Awami League has decided to make Sadiq Abdullah an independent candidate. The heat that spread in the politics of Barisal around the city elections, Sadiq Abdullah’s decision to contest added fuel to that heat.
In a ‘peaceful’ rally on Wednesday amid the frenzy of the election, the party candidate Zahid Farooq and the president of the metropolitan Awami League and chairman of the district council AKM Jahangir made ‘adverse’ comments about the city elections. Leaders and activists following Zahid Farooq and City Mayor Abul Khair Abdullah have demanded the expulsion of Jahangir, accusing him of breaking party discipline in this incident.
Leaders and activists following Zahid Farooq held a protest march in different areas of the city on Saturday demanding Jahangir’s expulsion. City Awami League senior vice-president Aljalul Karim presided over the rally organized at the city’s central Shaheed Minar, city Awami League’s former leader Lashkar Nurul Haque, metropolitan Jubo League convener Nizamul Islam, joint convener Mahmudul Haque Khan and others gave speeches.
The speakers in the rally said that AKM Jahangir questioned the city election in the peace rally. He took a stand against the party. What he said from the position of the president of the Metropolitan Awami League is against the principles and ideals of the party. He can’t make such comments from an important position of the party. For this he should be expelled from the metropolitan Awami League.
When asked, AKM Jahangir told Daily Industry, “They have become disoriented before the election has started.” I heard what they said. However, I do not want to comment on this at this time. I will talk at the appropriate time.
What did AKM Jahangir say?
AKM Jahangir said in the ‘Shaanti’ rally on November 29 afternoon, referring to the city elections, “They made us donkeys in the city elections.” Tortured us. But we will not give another chance to any outsider. We will not allow goals to be scored in an empty field like in that election.’’ He said, ‘We plant crops. We work hard from planting to ripening. And someone else will come and cut that crop and bring it home, we will not let it happen. We want to keep our hard-earned crops in our house. It will be played now. Use the administration to fill the box, there is no chance.
Referring to Zahid Farooq, Jahangir said, “Despite being in Barisal during the agitation and struggle against the opposition party, we never found him. He did not go to any people after being elected. We don’t want this guy anymore. We want Sadiq Abdullah, who lives with the people, sleeps with the people, stands by the people’s happiness and sorrow.
AKM Jahangir’s statement caused intense anger and reaction among the supporters of Zahid Farooq and Khair Abdullah. Many also protested on social media. However, no one formally protested. Today, very suddenly, because of Jahangir’s speech, a protest rally was held and a demand was made for his expulsion.
Mir Amin Uddin, the former general secretary of Nagar Awami League, known to be close to Zahid Farooq, told that Jahangir’s statement from a top position of the party was subversive and purposeful. It is a clear position against the party. He has committed a serious breach of discipline.

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