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Bangladesh - District - June 19, 2021

Country sees record Boro cultivation this year

Staff Correspondent: This year, 207,84,508 tons of boro have been cultivated – which is the highest cultivation ever. The national average yield of boro paddy in the country this year was 4.29 tons per hectare where last year it was 3.97 tons. In other words, the production per hectare has increased by 32 tons, which is 8.0 percent more than last year. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the cultivation of Boro this year has been more than 11 lakh tons compared to last year. Last year the production was 1.96 crore tons. This year, the target was to cultivate 2.5 crore tons, however, this was also exceeded.
Boro paddy has been planted in 46,83,760 hectares of land across the country this year.
Last year, boro paddy was planted in 47,54,447 hectares. In other words, more than 1.29 lakh hectares have been planted this year.
Meanwhile, boro paddy has been affected by the hitches due to the impact of climate change this year. Besides, movement restrictions during harvest season have also some effects. Even so, this year’s successful cultivation is a major achievement for the country’s food security.
This year, the use of technology has reduced the labor crisis. Under the Tk 3,020 crore agricultural mechanization project, 50 to 60 percent subsidy has been given to the farmers in the region.
“We took a comprehensive plan at the beginning of this year under the direction of the Prime Minister,” said Agriculture Minister Dr. Abdur Razzak. “Work has been done to increase Boro cultivation at all costs at all levels. Farmers have received incentives including seeds and fertilizers. Due to our initiative, boro paddy has been planted in more than 120,000 hectares of land this year as compared to last year.”
He said hybrid cultivation has increased in more than 3 lakh hectares of land than last year, as a result, boro has cultivated more than last year.
According to the concerned, now more than 55 percent of the total rice produced annually comes from the boro. Although it is very challenging to successfully harvest paddy at home every year. Due to sudden floods and heavy rains, the farmers have to worry every year about taking the haor paddy home properly.
Agricultural economist Professor Dr. Mohammad Jahangir Alam Khan said due to the sincerity of the government and the absence of any major disaster, it has been possible to harvest boro paddy in the haor region and across the country very successfully this year. This has resulted in record cultivation.

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