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Bangladesh - November 14, 2021

Country’s daily gas shortage 600m cubic feet

Staff Correspondent: Due to growing economic activity, the demand for natural gas has increased.
Currently, just about 3,100 million liters of gas are imported in the country. However, the country’s daily demand is 3,700 million cubic feet now. So, the gas shortage is 600 million cubic feet. Earlier, the deficit was 500 million cubic feet.
The information is revealed from the Annual performance agreement (APA) of this fiscal year 2021-2022.
Following the issue, sources of the department of energy said, country’s 27 gas fields have a reserve of 10.63 trillion cubic feet 2020. This amount of gas is not sufficient to meet the demand of the country. Ultimately, as a result, there is no alternative but to import LNG at an increased rate.
In this context, to meet the demand in the current fiscal year 2021-2022, 750 billion cubic feet of domestic gas to be produced and 45 million metric tons of LNG is planned to be imported. Already the price of LNG is doubled in the global market. As a result, the government is forced to spend huge amount of money.

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