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Bangladesh - April 28, 2022

Criminals getting reckless ahead of Eid

Vacant roads, flats are now the main target of criminals

Golam Mostafa Jibon: As Dhaka city has started to be empty day by day centering the Eid-ul-fitr, one of the largest festivals of the Muslims, criminals especially snatchers and robbers have become reckless again to carry their illicit deeds despite all efforts of the law enforcers.
Though, the law enforcement agencies claimed that they have already beefed up security measure, most of the city’s spots including roads and alleys have turned into safe zones of crimes due to supremacy of the snatchers and robbers.
Meanwhile, many people have left the city with a view to celebrate Eid festivals with their near and dear ones in villages, many houses and flats have remained vacant. Such residents and flats are now main target of the theft and robbers, police said.
According to the sources, hundreds of snatchers and robbers have already been arrested during different operations of the law enforces in the capital ahead of Eid, but their misconduct has not stopped so far. They are getting active in the early morning and after of Iftar as there is less movement of people on different roads of the capital. Mobile or bags are taken away from the pedestrians or passengers of rickshaws and other vehicles. There are also incidents of stabbing to death by the snatchers and robbers, if they are prevented by the victims or locals. Recently, 27 snatchers were arrested in a police raid and 102 in a RAB-3 raid. The members of this gang used to snatching at different spots of isolated roads and flyovers in the capital from evening till dawn. Especially after Seheri (having meal time of night last) and during Iftar, when the movement of people on the roads decreased, they would pull out their mobiles or bags and run away. Some of the victims are also going to be casualties in these incidents. With the increase of people at different shopping malls and markets on the occasion of Eid shopping, many are being targeted more by the snatchers and robbers.
In many cases, members of the law enforcement agencies came to the scene after hearing allegations of snatching, but they were reluctant to investigate. A snatcher with a private car took away the bag of a rickshaw passenger and fled the scene on April 22 last at morning. Seeing the incident, some journalists followed the car. Later the car was stopped and the police was informed but there was no initiative to unravel the mystery. Meanwhile, a doctor was killed in Shewrapara area, while he tried to obstruct a snatching incident in the early hours of the morning recently. In this situation, police patrolling was increased on different roads of the capital.
But the incident of snatching is not decreasing. In addition to increasing patrols, snatching incidents will not decrease, if it is not possible to bring those involved in the book. Recently, at a monthly crime review meeting of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP), the commissioner directed to take legal action against the snatchers after producing a list.
Saurabh, a journalist of the private television SA TV, was snatched from Paribagh on his way back by rickshaw after a program after Iftar on April 23.
He told The Daily Industry that, the snatcher with a motorcycle hit his rickshaw from behind and took away his mobile phone, while his rickshaw was under the Paribagh Bridge. At that time, the road was very empty.
Another victim Rubina Yasmin, also a journalist of the private television station GTV, was victim of snatching in Mohammadpur area on April 21. “I was going to Mohammadpur from Dhanmondi by rickshaw. While crossing the Shankar area, a snatcher with a motorcycle pulled out my bag and fled rapidly. Fortunately, I was saved from the felling of rickshaw,” she said.
Mahbub Alam, joint commissioner of the DMP’s intelligence department told The Daily Industry that, “A special operation is being carried out to reduce snatching and robbing ahead of Eid. In the meantime, many kidnappers have been arrested. But, there is a fear that, those, who were arrested, will get release again on bail. Then, they will engage in the same offenses.”
Commander Khandaker Al Moin, director of the RAB’s law and media wing said, “Organized criminals lurk in various alleys and main roads of the capital. The syndicate members target pedestrians, rickshaw riders and CNG passengers, when they got stuck up in traffic congestions. However, many snatchers have already been arrested due to surveillance by the law enforcement agencies. Legal action is being taken against those, whose information is coming forwards through interrogation. None of them will be spared.”

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