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Bangladesh - April 30, 2023

Cyclone ‘Mocha’ may hit Bangladesh’s coast at 180 mph

Staff Correspondent: A cyclone is likely to generate in the Bay of Bengal between 9 and 11 May. It is named ‘Mocha’. The cyclone is expected to hit the coast of Bangladesh between May 11 and 15 with a speed of 150 to 180 km.
The US Global Forecast System forecast this cyclone on Saturday night.
According to the latest forecast, the cyclone is likely to hit Myanmar’s Rakhine State and Bangladesh’s Chattogram coast between May 11 and May 13 after midnight. A potential wind speed of 150 to 180 km/h if it hits the coast of Bangladesh. But it may also hit the coast of the Indian state of Odisha. If the cyclone originates in the Bay of Bengal, it will be named ‘Mocha’. The name is given by Yemen.
Four days ago, weather agency of Kolkata official Ravindra Goenka informed that in the second week of May, the weather conditions in the Bay of Bengal will be favorable for the generation of cyclones. However, it is not possible to say in advance when and where the storm will form. Once the storm is formed, its course can be determined.
Earlier, in May 2020 also several strong cyclones hit some coastal districts of Bangladesh and West Bengal coast. Storms like Ayala, Amphan cause massive damage.

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