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Bangladesh - February 15, 2022

Delta Plan 2100 aims for higher economic growth

Mahfuja Mukul: The government is moving towards the implementation of Delta Plan-2100 with the aim of achieving high economic growth in the country. To this end, a total of 60 projects are underway in the country at a cost of Tk 2 lakh 96 thousand 600 crore. The government is planning to invest another Tk 34,621 crore in the projects related to these projects in the next financial year.
According to the Ministry of Planning, the implementation of the well-known ‘Delta Plan-2100’ is in progress. Its work needs to be accelerated to increase the economic potential of the people and it needs to be coordinated with various departments and ministries to reduce the risk. He is currently working. The first phase of the master plan will be completed by 2030.
In this regard, an official of the Ministry of Planning said, Delta Plan-2100 is almost finalized. I will now seek the views of various ministries, departments and government agencies to end this.
According to sources, the concerned ministries, departments and various agencies have finalized a draft plan for the implementation of the development plan.
A proposal from the Delta Wing has also been sent to the Planning Commission for approval. Work is underway to set up a ‘Delta Knowledge Bank’ and a ‘Digital Data Store’. The process of setting up a ‘Delta Fund’ has also begun to ensure the economic aspects of the overall operation. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, chairperson of the Delta Governance Council, will soon hold a meeting with 10 ministries to facilitate the implementation of the Delta Plan.
In this regard, Delta Governance Council Vice Chairman Planning Minister MA Mannan said that the country’s economy will expand in the next 20 to 25 years. In the next 5 to 10 years, the economy of Bangladesh will be like that of Malaysia or Thailand. We want to seize this opportunity.
He said the Delta Plan would be implemented along with the five-year plan. We are moving forward as planned. I hope that the plan that has been taken will change the economy of the country and the financial capacity of the people of the country.
It is learned that various donor agencies including World Bank, Netherlands, ADB and JICA have expressed interest in investing and providing financial assistance in this huge development project.
It is learned that the projects that have been included in the Delta Plan are mainly program based. A draft plan has also been prepared in preparation for the implementation of these programs separately. It has been sent to the Planning Commission for approval. In addition, the concerned ministries, departments and agencies have been directed to prepare action plans in the light of the Delta Plan.
A 25-member focal point group has also been formed. This group will collect the necessary information and coordinate it between different ministries.
According to sources, the government is considering the Dutch-style ‘Centennial Delta Plan’ or Delta Plan-2100 as the key to the country’s future development. Delta Plan-2100 contains six long-term strategies for flood, river erosion, river management, urban and rural water supply, waste management and flood control and drainage management. These approvals were given in the National Economic Council on September 4, 2016.
The 60 projects in the first phase of the Delta Plan include 75 physical infrastructures and 15 institutional capabilities, skills and research. A total of 2 lakh 98 thousand 600 crore will be spent on these projects.
Of this, Tk 2,798 crore will be spent on flood control projects and Tk 47,281 crore on river management. Besides, Tk 6,152 crore has been allocated for water supply in urban and rural areas, Tk 8,069 crore for prevention of river erosion, Tk 5,098 crore for Chittagong Hill Tracts and Tk 18,314 crore for drought prone areas. The remaining Tk 8,410 crore will be invested in other important projects.
According to sources, the Delta Governance Council headed by the Prime Minister has already started work to implement the plan. A technical advisory committee comprising representatives of ministries, departments, institutions, universities and research involved in the implementation of the Delta Plan has been formed.
In the context of the Delta Plan, the former director general of BIDS and former chief economist of Bangladesh Bank. MK Mujeri said the Delta Plan has been formulated with a far-reaching perspective. In light of these guidelines, we need to work in line with the five-year plan. Various ministries, departments and agencies need to ensure that this is done. This is because the Delta Plan has a lot in common with the goals set in the Five-Year Plan.

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