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Corporate - March 19, 2023

DSE market capital declined byTk 3700 cr

Staff Correspondent: After being slightly upward for a week, the country’s stock market has fallen again. All the indices fell along with the decline in the share prices of most of the companies that participated in the transaction. Along with that, the transaction speed has decreased. In addition, the market capitalization has decreased by a large amount. The market capitalization of the main stock market Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) has decreased by aboutTk 3700 crore in a week.
After trading on the last working day of last week, the market capitalization of DSE stood at Tk 7 lakh 61 thousand 894 crore. Which was Tk 7 lakh 65 thousand 591 crore on the last working day of the previous week. That is, the market capitalization of DSE decreased by 3 thousand 697 crores last week. Declining market capitalization means that the share and unit prices of listed companies have collectively fallen by that amount.
During the week of large market capitalization decline, DSE saw an average transaction of Tk 508.2 lakh crore per working day. In the previous week, the average daily transaction was Tk 646 crore 24 lakh. That is, the average transaction per working day has decreased by Tk 138 crore 22 lakh or 21.39 percent.
And during the last week, the total transaction in DSE was Tk 2540.10 crore. Tk 2,584.97 crorewere traded in the previous week. Accordingly, the total transaction decreased by Tk 44 crore 87 lakh or 1.74 percent. The decrease in total transactions is due to one less trading day in the previous week than last week.
Meanwhile, shares and units of 15 companies participating in trading on DSE during the week entered the list of price increase. On the contrary, the price of 141 has decreased. And the price of 222 remains unchanged.
In this, DSE’s main index DSEX fell by 39.93 points or 64.64 percent. The index rose by 46.43 points or 75.75 percent in the previous week. It increased by 8.63 points or 14.0 percent in the previous week.
Along with the major indices, the DSE-30 index, which is made up of selected good companies, fell last week. The index fell by 8.21 points or 37.0 percent during the week. The index rose by 10.68 points or 48.48 percent in the previous week. It decreased by 5.05 points or 23.0 percent in the previous week. The DSE Shariah Index, which comprises companies operating on the basis of Islamic Shariah, fell alongside the main value and select indices. Last week this index decreased by 5.48 points or 40.40 percent. The index increased by 5.04 points or 37.00 percent in the previous week. It increased by 1.43 points or 11.1 percent in the previous week.
Meanwhile, Rupali Life Insurance shares were the most traded in DSE during the week.
During the week, the shares of the company were traded at 145 crore 830 thousand taka, which is 5.71 percent of the total transaction. Genex Infosys shares traded at the second place was Tk 117 crore 66 lakh 3 thousand. Sea Pearl Beach Resort is in the third place with a transaction of Tk 114 crore 5 lakh 1 thousand.
Apart from this, the list of top 10 companies in transactions includes Meghna Life Insurance, ADN Telecom, Olympic Industries, Amara Network, BDCom Online, Eastern Housing and Bangladesh Shipping Corporation.

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