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Bangladesh - December 13, 2021

Eco-friendly electric bus to be introduced in Dhaka in 2-yrs

Special Correspondent:Eco-friendly electric bus will be launched in the capital Dhaka in next two years. Dhaka North City Corporation Mayor Atiqul Islam said this in an interview with a prominent news media.
The mayor said he was overwhelmed to see such a bus while attending the World Climate Conference in Scotland. From there he made this decision.
According to him, this will greatly reduce air pollution in the capital Dhaka. Besides, safe journey of common people will be ensured.
At the conference, world leaders emphasized the importance of electric buses. Environmentalists have also demanded the introduction of such vehicles. He also said that it has been decided to add such electronic buses to the bus management system through bus route rationalization and company to be launched in Bangladesh.
Mayor Atiq, who visited Turkey, said the introduction of electric buses would reduce air pollution as well as reduce fuel costs. And citizens will get a safe and comfortable vehicle. He has already spoken to the mayors of different cities around the world about the issue.
He further said that Dhaka should be built as a traffic free city. And I will leave it to prevent air pollution. It’s my decision. In the meantime, I have come a long way. I will also talk to the mayor of Turkey about this. I will use the experience of the cities where electric buses are running.
At present about 7,000 public transports are operating in the capital owned by 120 companies. Out of these public transports, only 306 buses run on CNG. The rest of the buses run on diesel. As a result, the constant black smoke emitted from vehicles causes environmental catastrophe.
In addition, according to the BRTC registration, there are more than 11 lakh vehicles, which constantly emit carbon.
Authorities have provided electric buses for visitors to the World Climate Conference (COP-26) held in Glasgow, Scotland last month. It is said that vehicles powered by fuel oil are harmful to the environment. Emphasis was placed on electric buses from the conference. Atiqul Islam participated in the program held with the mayors at that conference.
The mayor said he would like to use the experience of the climate conference. I will leave it in Dhaka effectively InshaAllah. I think Dhaka must be saved. The Prime Minister has given us that responsibility. I will use our experience abroad to ensure a good transportation system.

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