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Bangladesh - Corporate - March 30, 2023

Expenditure Tk 1.13 cr more than income

3-month of Metrorail

Staff Correspondent: The Metrorail is running on 11.73 km route from Uttara North (Diabari) of the capital to Agargaon. Since the introduction of this modern transport system, about 1.77 million passengers have traveled till now. The income in this sector is Tk 6.20 crore. But at the same time Tk 7.33 crore has been spent. According to this, in three months Metrorail has spent Tk 1.13 crore more than the income. A major part of the expenditure is the electricity bill.
This information was given in a press conference organized at the office of Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited (DMTCL) yesterday. DMTCL Managing Director MAN Siddique spoke at the press conference.
He said that the largest part of the Metrorail operation was spent on electricity bills. Electricity prices have also increased recently. We have called the concerned parties to fix us a price for electricity. Our second major expenditure is the salaries of Metro Rail employees. There are also other costs.
Stating that the income and expenses of Metrorail are not very important so far, MAN Siddique said, if the Metrorail is not fully operational, it will not be understood, a real picture is not available. As part of the plan, we have two more stations coming up. Where new passengers will be added. On the other hand, now is the month of Ramadan. At first it was a tourist point with huge crowds. The place where the tide is now falling. However, regular passengers are traveling.
He said, recently, the metro rail has been launched in Vietnam, Indonesia. We are much ahead of these countries. There is no precedent in any country to open all the stations simultaneously in a metro rail.

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