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District - April 3, 2023

Experimentally train runon Padma Bridge today

Industry Desk: A special train will experimentally run on the Padma Bridge today. The train will travel from Bhanga to Mawa end of the bridge.
The Padma bridge, spanning over 6.15 km, has now been fully equipped with a railway line after completing two rounds of welding work. Furthermore, the lining has been dried, and a 42 km uninterrupted railway track from Mawa to Bhanga in Faridpur is now apparent. On Tuesday, the first train, Gankar, is scheduled to traverse the entire route for the first time.
Earlier, Railways Minister Nurul Islam Sujon informed, April 4 is a probable date for trial train operation on Padma Bridge. And the railway tracks from Mawa to Bhanga will be completed by September. If the old railway line from Faridpur direction is connected, it will be possible to run regular trains.
The construction of the railway line started only after the vehicular movement of Padma Bridge last year, 91 percent of the 42 km railway has been completed and 75 percent of the work of the Padma Bridge rail connection project has been completed.
Afzal Hossain, the Director of the Rail Link Project for the Padma Bridge, informed Kal Kantha that plans are underway to run the entire 42 km railway route today. Tankers have already undergone experimental runs in several locations. Meanwhile, progress has been made in laying approximately 10 km of railway tracks from Dhaka to Mawa. The work of laying railway tracks from Mawa to Dhaka has also commenced, with sections already completed in Sreepur, Keraniganj, Pagla, and Demra areas.

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