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Bangladesh - November 16, 2023

Former bureaucrats in electoral race

Staff Correspondent: The date of the 12th National Assembly election is approaching. The Election Commission has announced the schedule. Several former bureaucrats are trying to become candidates in this election along with politicians and people from different classes and professions. That is why they are campaigning in the respective constituencies.
It is known that these former bureaucrats are plowing the field to get nomination. Some are even lobbying party leaders to stay involved in the nomination race.
Former secretary of the Ministry of Rural Development and Cooperatives Prashant Kumar Roy, who is the nominee of the ruling Awami League in Khulna-1 seat. He has been doing public relations in the area for a long time. The former secretary is campaigning by going door-to-door to inquire about the voters and local residents.
Former secretary Mejbah Uddin is trying to get nomination of Awami League. He expressed his desire to participate in the polls from Bhola-4 seat in the upcoming National Assembly elections. He is continuing public relations in various ways including exchanging Eid greetings with the common people of Charfashanupazila.
Former secretary Sourendranath Chakraborty is the nominee of Awami League from Naogaon-3 (Mahadevpur-Badalgachi) seat. He is doing PR in various ways to stay ahead of the nomination race.
Chapainawabganj-1 (Shibganj) Constituency politics is discussed former secretary Md. Zillar Rahman. It is known that Zillar Rahman started working as a ‘full time’ politician after retirement. His Shibganj Bazar residence is visited by people of various classes and professions from morning till late night. Many past and present MPs have been seen at his residence.
Former chairman and secretary of NBRGolam Hossain, candidate of Awami League from Chandpur-1 (Kachua) constituency in the upcoming 12th National Parliament election. He is doing mass communication in various ways including meetings and gatherings in the area.
Kabir bin Anwar became the co-chairman of the election management committee of Awami League this year at the end of the term of cabinet secretary. He may seek Awami League nomination from a seat in Sirajganj.
A source close to him says that Kabir bin Anwar is the son of a freedom fighter family. His father Anwar Hossain Ratu and mother late Isabella are both valiant freedom fighters. His father served as the general secretary of the district Awami League for 17 years. Kabir Bin Anwar himself was involved in BCL politics during his student life. He served as the President of Dhaka University’s Fazlul Haque Hall Chhatra League. That’s why he deserves to be nominated.
Former Senior Secretary Khawaja Miah has expressed his desire to participate as a candidate of Awami League from Narail-1 constituency in the upcoming national elections. He has been participating in political programs in that area for many days. The former bureaucrat also held several road meetings and courtyard meetings in the area.
Former Chief Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office Kamal Abdul Nasser Chowdhury is said to be the nominee of Awami League from Comilla-11 seats. A source close to him says that he may seek nomination after understanding the situation.
When asked to know, the former secretary of the Ministry of Rural Development and Cooperatives, the candidate of the ruling Awami League from Khulna-1 seat. Prashant Kumar Roy told, “My soul is connected with the soil and people of Dakop-Batiaghata. I was born and raised here. I have a lot of responsibility towards this soil and people. From that responsibility, I will fight for the development of the people of this township in the upcoming national elections. I am taking this great responsibility to implement Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina’s clear guidance and Smart Bangladesh. I hope the party will give me a boat ticket from this seat.
Dr. Roy also said that we need strong leadership to build a modern Dakop-Batiaghata. We need a leader who will talk about the rights of the people of this town in the great parliament, bring development projects. There is a need to overcome personal interest and arrogance to spread Bangabandhu’s practice in every corner of the society. We will do that. For this reason, I am trying to get the nomination of Awami League in the upcoming elections. Seeing the diverse polls and the unprecedented support and love of the people, I hope that I will definitely be nominated and come back victorious and work for the welfare of the masses.
Some looked at court’s verdict
Military-civilian government officials are not eligible to participate in the national parliamentary elections until they have completed three years of retirement. That’s why some bureaucrats are looking at the court’s verdict.
The High Court issued a ruling on January 19 this year asking why the provision of not allowing military-civilian government officials to participate in the national elections should not be illegal until they have completed three years of retirement.
Section 12 (1) (f) of the Representation of the People Order (RPO) 1972 regarding disqualification of Government servants for election states, ‘has resigned or retired from any service of the Republic or statutory public authority or the Department of Defense and three years after such resignation or retirement If the year has not passed, then you will not get the opportunity to participate in the national parliament elections.
Brigadier General (retired) Shamim Kamal challenged this provision, filed a writ in the High Court. Apart from this, many other retired government officials also petitioned the High Court on the same issue. Courts issued rules on the hearing of writs at various times. The final hearing of all the rules has already started.
Senior Advocate Barrister Tanya Ameer, Advocate Pravir Appointee is hearing the writ petition in the court. Barrister Khan Mohammad Shamim Aziz on behalf of the Election Commission and Deputy Attorney General Amit Dasgupta on behalf of the state will conduct the hearing.
When asked, barrister Tanya Amir told Daily Industry, “The hearing will be held on Wednesday.” Then the court will give a verdict.
When attention was drawn to the condition that one must wait at least three years to participate in elections after retirement, former secretary Mejbah Uddin said in a press conference, ‘This black law was made during the Fakhruddin government (this provision was included in the People’s Representation Order during the caretaker government supported by the army). A case was filed in the High Court by a retired Brigadier for cancellation. Hope it will be settled soon.

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