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Bangladesh - December 9, 2023

Fortune of 70 AL aspirants burnt

Farhad Chowdhury: Awami League’s ‘MP if nominated’ is not very relevant in the upcoming 12th National Assembly elections. At least 70 candidates nominated by Awami League must vacate their seats in the upcoming elections.
In the meantime, negotiations are going on with various parties including the alliance regarding seat sharing. Many candidates nominated by Awami League may withdraw their candidature by December 17. Apart from this, some candidate of Awami League may lose to ‘dummy candidate’ and independent candidate in the election. Many candidates who got party tickets in the elections are aware of the matter and are keeping track.
A total of 69 Members of Parliament (MP) of Awami League did not get party nomination in the 12th National Parliament Election. Among the nominated candidates, at least 70 will burn their fortune. The 14-party alliance, Jatiya Party, Trinamool BNP and Islamic parties will get concessions in some of these seats. Awami League will release several seats to these parties based on discussion.
Besides, some candidates will be defeated by their party’s ‘dummy candidates’ and independents.
On November 26, Awami League announced the names of candidates nominated for 298 seats. The party signaled the alliance through this announcement. There, Jatiya Party has not declared a candidate for one seat (Narayanganj-5) and one seat (Kushtia-2) belonging
to the 14-party alliance.
Party sources say that 70 more candidates nominated by Awami League may drop out. Out of these, 14-party alliances have 8 seats, their demands are higher. Jatiya Party’s demand is 30 to 35 seats. The meeting is going on from time to time. Awami League will also give seats to Trinamool BNP and some Islamic parties. Apart from this, independent candidates will pass in several places in competitive elections.
However, this time Awami League is doing the issue of seat distribution very secretly. The 14-party alliance meeting led by the party did not clarify the issue of seat distribution. Alliance Coordinator Amir Hossain Amu said, “The seat sharing will be finalized after the meeting with the Jatiya Party.”
However, the two parties have kept a secret about the meeting with the Jatiya Party. No one has clarified when and where he is sitting. After the meeting of 14 parties, several leaders of Awami League said that they had a discussion to make the election beautiful and fair. There was no discussion on seat distribution.
Before this, General Secretary of Jatiya Party Mujibul Haque Chunnu directly told the media, “We have decided to go to the election after getting assurance from Awami League.”
Regarding the meeting with the Jatiya Party, Awami League Joint General Secretary Mahbubul Alam Hanif told, “We held a meeting among ourselves to make the election free and fair. As we have seen in the past, the opposition in the electoral field means a warlike attitude towards them. There are various problems including assaulting and suing each other’s workers. So that no such incident happens. Election is a festival. In that festival all the parties including the government party, the opposition party can hold elections in a festive atmosphere. That’s why we sat down, tried to bring it up in the discussion. Our opposition Jatiya Party has also called for maintaining the mood of the festival. We have assured them.’
Jatiya Party is being given 35 seats, the draft list has been prepared – this information is being heard. When asked how true they are, Hanif said, “I don’t know who said what.” I have no such information. There was no discussion about seats.
In this regard, Awami League Joint General Secretary AFM Bahauddin Nashim told, ‘We can sit on their opinions, their thoughts and our thoughts for political reasons. Such meetings have also taken place in the past. As the Jatiya Party has talked with us, we have also discussed with the partners of 14 parties. All these are to make the 12th National Assembly elections beautiful, fair and competitive. We agree that people should be able to vote in peace and comfort. It is for the politics of Bangladesh, democratic continuity and progress of the country. Such a meeting is important to move the country forward.
Regarding the distribution of seats, he said, “There is a lot of talk in the field. Many things are written in newspapers. The fact is, everything will be clear before December 17. But there will be a competitive election. All political parties are working together for this.
General Secretary of Jatiya Party Mujibul Haque Chunnu also claimed, “There was no discussion on seat distribution with Awami League.”
However, the partner teams of 14 teams are quite open about this. After the meeting with the Awami League president, they said that there was a discussion about seat distribution. Their four partners are choosing the main boat symbol – that’s pretty much final. The rest will be discussed further. A team has been formed in this regard. They will discuss and decide.
The team has already finalized the draft regarding 6-7 seats. It is said that the rest will be finalized by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the leader of the alliance and the president of Awami League.
Regarding the seat distribution, Jatiya Party (JP) Chairman Anwar Hossain Manju said, “The seat sharing has not been finalised.” The Prime Minister was sitting that day. Discussed all domestic and foreign issues. Four leaders have been given the responsibility of how many seats will be given to them. Amu Saheb (Amir Hossain Amu) also sat with many. Sit with me too. Then we will talk.
He said, “I am not a person to give and receive money. Teamed up to win. Just as I need the big team, the big team needs me too. Even if I don’t have personal needs, those in my team who have survived all these years do. Still, I will be satisfied with what the lords (Awami League) give. In the rest of the seats, I will be elected with my ‘cycle’ symbol.
Jasd president Hasanul Haque Inu talked about these issues. Inu told, “There is no final decision on this yet.” Talking is going on, hard to tell right now. He will increase a little from the number of seats he has. However, the level of increase is not right. If I grow from where I am, the mind will be happy. My staff will be happy. The team will be happy. The alliance will be strong.
ALto give seats to Islamic parties
According to Awami League sources, they want to strengthen the alternative power of Jamaat. That is why they are thinking of bringing their allied Islamic parties to parliament and government. Several Islamic parties have come to the polls from that place. Discussions are underway to give them seats.
Recently, 9 Islamic parties met the Prime Minister and expressed their interest in coming to the polls. The parties are – Islami Oikyajot, Islamic Front Bangladesh, Bangladesh Islamic Front, Bangladesh Khilafat Movement, Bangladesh Muslim League, Bangladesh Supreme Party, Bangladesh Islami Oikyajot, Ashekane Auliya Oikya Parishad and Jamiat Ulamae Islam Bangladesh. 14 leaders of these parties participated in the meeting. Notable among them are Ataullah Hafezzi, Syed Saifuddin Ahmad, Abul Hasnat Amini, Mohammad Faizullah, Syed Bahadur Shah Mojaddedi, Misbahur Rahman Chowdhury, Shahinur Pasha Chowdhury, Alam Noori and Abul Khair.
Many of them want the help of Awami League to become members of parliament. In response, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina urged the pro-independence Islamic forces to remain united.
Apart from this, leaders of Khilafat Rabbani Bangladesh and Nezam Islami Party met with Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Leaders of both parties Mufti Faizul Haque Jalalabadi and Maulana Anwarul Haque also discussed the election.

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