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Bangladesh - May 18, 2023

Gas crisis in Ctg at an extreme

Drivers turning to LPG-octane

Ayub Ali from Ctg: CNG refueling station closed due to gas shortage in Chittagong. As a result, most of the CNG-powered autorickshaws are closed. Same is the case with CNG powered private vehicles. As a result, the number of cars on the roads of Chittagong city has decreased. Meanwhile, drivers are turning to LPG and octane as alternative fuels.
However, Karnaphuli Gas Distribution Company Limited (KGDCL), the company supplying natural gas through the pipeline in Chittagong, expects to normalize gas supply by Monday.
Extreme gas crisis has started in Chittagong for the last three days as gas supply from Maheshkhali LNG terminal was stopped due to Cyclone Mokha. CNG auto rickshaw drivers are in trouble especially as CNG refueling stations are closed.
On the other hand, most of the CNG vehicles have been stopped due to lack of gas. In this, ordinary passengers have to go to the destination at a higher fare. However, a section of drivers have kept their vehicles plying on roads with octane and LPG.
From Monday morning to noon, it was seen on the ground in several places of the city, there were few CNG vehicles on the road. Rainbow CNG station and Intraco refueling station at Tigerpass junction are closed. However, LPG supply in Intraco is normal. Autorickshaw drivers throng this station to get LPG.
Going to Dampara area CMP fuel station at quarter past 12, it is seen that several CNG-powered autorickshaw drivers are taking octane. CNG driver Suruj Mia said that the vehicle was stopped for gas (CNG) for the last two days. Now forced out. I bought two liters of octane for Tk 260.
Around 12:30 PM Panchlaish Khan Brothers CNG Pvt. Limited’s refueling station, it is seen that their CNG supply is stopped. However, the drivers of CNG-powered auto-rickshaws are taking LPG along the line. Autorickshaw driver. Al Amin said, since we are not getting CNG for the last two days, we are forced to run with LPG.
Touhidul Islam, salesman of the refueling station, said autorickshaws do not take much LPG. Most are CNG powered. Now that CNG has stopped, the demand for LPG has increased suddenly in the last two days.
Engineer Rafiqul Islam, managing director of KGDCL, told that the gas supply may return to normal by today (Monday). It will supply gas to households, commercial and CNG stations. But it may take some time to supply gas to power and fertilizer plants.

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