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Bangladesh - February 26, 2024

Gas shortage 1000 mcf against demand

Staff Correspondent : State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid said that the shortage of gas against the demand in the country is about 1000 million cubic feet.
He said this in the session of National Parliament on Sunday.
He said, currently around 250 million cubic feet of gas is being extracted daily in the country. At present, the daily demand of gas in the country is about 4 thousand million cubic feet. Against demand, about 800-900 million cubic feet equivalent of imported LNG is being supplied to the national grid along with domestically produced gas. As a result, there is a gas shortage of about 1,000 million cubic feet against the demand.
Pointing out that various activities are being implemented to meet the existing shortage and future gas demand, the state minister said that 48 different types of well drilling activities have been undertaken by 2025, the successful implementation of which will enable an average of 618 million cubic feet of gas to be added to the national grid. Of these, drilling and workover activities of 10 wells have been completed, thereby ensuring production of 118 million cubic feet of gas per day and 33 million cubic feet of gas per day being fed into the national grid.
He said that the capacity of one of the two existing floating LNG terminals has recently been increased by 100 million cubic feet per day, bringing the total LNG supply capacity to 1100 million cubic feet per day.

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