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World wide - October 17, 2023

Gaza: It’s not war it is a genocide

Industry Desk: The disaster we are witnessing in Gaza is turning to genocide. It is not an ‘attack’. Not possession. Not a war. Total genocide. The apocalypse-like scenes we are witnessing in Gaza are proof of the true intentions of the brutal occupying army. They want possession of this little land which is already disturbed. For this reason, they are killing helpless, distressed children, women and men indiscriminately.
For decades, the Israeli government and its crazed settler allies continued to commit genocide, bit by bit, with the consent and encouragement of Western nations. In solidarity with this ruthless ally, Westerners decorate their tourist spots with blue-and-white or the Star of David.
Go ahead, cowards and their cronies. Show the world your true colors. We will remember you. make no mistake Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and members of his xenophobic cabinet have long sought to completely destroy Gaza, abandoning the path of ‘let’s show the Palestinians the fun of lethal violence’.
This monstrous plan belongs to Netanyahu. Only despicable people like him can erase Gaza from the chest of the world and end Gaza. Anyone who denies this anywhere, in any forum, is either a liar, blind or both. This is not a just response or revenge, I repeat to those soldiers who have never seen or understood the endless plight of the Palestinians, it is genocide.
If you are offended by my scurrilous accusations, I want to challenge America’s idiotic news stars and columnists. To the journalists who regularly visit Israel and advertise themselves as foreign affairs correspondents, prove me and the Palestinian people and their allies outside the country wrong. They say that the genocide has started in the besieged Gaza. These hypocrites are again calling the Palestinians invaders and the Israelis saints. Because, before the genocide, they gave advance message to the people of Gaza.
Beyond the so-called international community’s insistence on resolving the region’s problems through diplomacy, the reality is that this brutality is heading towards an end. Every inch of Gaza and the memory of the Gazans have been razed to the ground this time.
These staunch Israeli loyalists have never ventured beyond the barbed wire fence that encircles Gaza. No attempt has been made to interview the millions of people who somehow survive here generation after generation, enduring loss, theft, deprivation, indignity, humiliation and deadly attacks by a xenophobic state. What they are doing is presenting a complicated story like a conflict between blacks and whites to inexperienced and geographically ignorant Americans. Israelis are always innocent, they are victims. Palestinians are always guilty, conspirators.
So stop what is needed to save lives-food and water-into besieged Gaza. Cut off fuel and electricity supply to homes and hospitals. Bomb the UN schools where disoriented Palestinian families have taken refuge to escape the bombings. Attack an ambulance rushing towards a dark hospital with bomb-torn children. Rain white phosphorus to burn the Palestinians to the bone. Continue to spread rumors that targeted attacks are being carried out to prevent civilian casualties. Actually trying to turn Gaza into 2005 Fallujah.
Close the gates of the prison called ‘Gaza’ tightly, so that there is no escape, no hope. Then order over 100,000 people to leave Gaza, failing which death is certain. This long list includes presidents and prime ministers who sit with the guise of ‘good people’, who only condemn Palestinian attacks and welcome Israeli attacks and destruction.
So please people in the fantasy world stop begging the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague to hold both sides, including Israel, accountable. Because the ICC knows, it is not right, it should not hurt the minds of those who are spreading this lie from sitting in Washington DC.
Meanwhile, Netanyahu-who was heavily criticized for corruption, bribery and breach of trust even a few weeks ago, has the DNA of authoritarianism in his body-has been rehabilitated by US President Joe Biden and his legion of loyal supporters. They said, this Netanyahu is the ultimate example of tolerance and morality in the Middle East.
Such is the sick moral face of Biden and his allies in London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Canberra and Ottawa. But there is nothing to be surprised about. It is only natural that barbaric colonialists, who themselves have a history of killing and mutilating innocent people, would support the killing and torture of another colonial power in Palestine.
Biden and others are not speaking for the millions of people they represent. But they will continue to support the legitimate demands of the Palestinians.
Beyond the so-called international community’s insistence on resolving the region’s problems through diplomacy, the reality is that this brutality is heading towards an end. Every inch of Gaza and the memory of the Gazans have been razed to the ground this time.
The idea of two separate countries is the impossible fantasy of posh, Ivy-League academics like Anthony Blinken and Israel’s war crimes apologists.

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