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Technology - February 13, 2024

Genese Solution launches its operations in Nigeria 

Industry Desk: Genese Solution, a leading value IT consulting company based in the UK, has launched its operations in Nigeria. With a commitment to delivering cutting-edge cloud solutions and fostering digital transformation, Genese Solution is poised to make significant contributions to Nigeria’s flourishing IT sector.

Regarded as Africa’s largest ICT market, Nigeria has emerged as the premier tech hub in Africa. With global cloud providers expanding into emerging markets and increasing technology adaptation, Nigeria presents abundant opportunities for collaboration and growth.

“Genese recognizes the immense potential of this vibrant market and is dedicated to harnessing Nigeria’s conducive environment to innovate and deliver solutions tailored to the country’s evolving needs,” said Anjani Phuyal, CEO of Genese Solution. “Our decision to launch our operations in Lagos aligned with Nigeria’s National Digital Economy Policy, which prioritizes leveraging digital technology for economic diversification. Alongside providing value IT consulting, we tailor strategies to support key policy pillars, collaborate locally, and stay informed for success in Nigeria’s dynamic digital economy,” he added.

Genese Solution Nigeria will bring a plethora of benefits to the local IT sector, including expertise in cloud solutions, DevSecOps consulting, cybersecurity and data consulting with focus on pioneering innovation and upholding uncompromising standards of excellence. Currently, Genese is actively recruiting talented individuals for positions in both business development and technology departments. He also thanked Nepali diaspora in Nigeria for their support in establishing the company.

“It’s a matter of great pride that a Nepali entrepreneur led company has entered into Nigeria. We hope and trust that it will help boost Nepal’s image as an emerging IT hub and also showcase  strength and skills of Nepali IT professionals,” said Hikmat Thapa, a Nigeria-based senior manager at the Dangote Group and former Treasurer of the Non Resident Nepali Association.

Embarking on a strategic expansion across multiple African nations with Nigeria positioned as the central hub, Genese looks forward to a meticulous evaluation process to ensure a seamless expansion into Africa. This includes in-depth market research, adherence to regulations, and addressing cultural nuances. The company is committed to leveraging adaptability and establishing clear timelines to ensure the success of their expansion, a press statement said.

Genese Solution, with a global presence in nine countries including the UK, Nepal, the USA, Bangladesh, and Finland, has been aiming to enhance the reach of their business operations across diverse regions worldwide. With this expansion into the Nigerian market, the Company aims to provide valuable digital transformation solutions, both locally and globally, says press release.

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