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Education - World wide - October 17, 2021

Girls’ schools in Afghan to reopen soon: UN

International Desk: Girls’ schools in Afghanistan, which have been closed for more than two and a half months, will be reopened “soon”, said Omar Abdi, deputy executive director of UNICEF, told a press conference at the UN headquarters in New York on Friday.
The UN official told the press conference that he had visited Afghanistan last week.
“During my stay in Afghanistan, the ruling Taliban opened secondary schools for girls in five of the country’s 34 provinces – Balkh, Jawzjan and Samangan in the northwest, Kunduz in the northeast and Urozgan in the southwest,” Omar Abdi said.
He said the Taliban’s education minister told her they were working on a “framework” for running girls’ secondary schools in Afghanistan. It will be completed in the next month or two and then all the girls’ schools in the country will be opened.
UNICEF’s Deputy Executive Director told reporters that girls’ schools in Afghanistan have been closed for the past 27 days.
In other words, Afghan teenage girls have not been able to study for almost a month. “We have said that the schools should be reopened as soon as possible – because it has to do with the future of millions of Afghan teenagers,” he said.
Omar Abd said the lives of at least 10 million children in Afghanistan depended on humanitarian aid even before the Taliban took over the country. In the current situation in the country, at least one million Afghan children will “die of malnutrition” if aid is not sent there quickly.
Noted that when the Taliban first formed a government in Afghanistan in 1998, all girls’ secondary schools were closed.
After 20 years of Taliban occupation in Kabul, co-education schools, as well as girls’ schools, were closed again, as a result, there is widespread uncertainty in the country’s women’s education system.

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