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Corporate - February 26, 2023

Gold prices drop in local market finally

Staff Correspondent: Gold prices dropped by Tk 1,166 a bhori in the local market today thanks to a fall in its global rates. Although the prices fall a few days ago in the global markets, Bangladesh Jewellers Samity (Bajus) adjusted them yesterday.
The price of each bhori of 22-carat gold will cost Tk 91,096 now, down from Tk 92,262, Bangladesh Jewellers Samity (Bajus) said this in a press release yesterday.
The new price will be effective from tomorrow, said MA Hannan Azad, chairman of the Bajus standing committee on price fixation and price monitoring.
Earlier, on January 15 of this year, the price of one bhori 22-carat gold was increased to Tk 93,429, this is the highest in country’s history.

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