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Health - January 21, 2024

Gross violation by BSMMU VC Sharfuddin alleged

Admission to MD-MS courses without qualification

Staff Correspondent : Doctor of Medicine (MD) and Masters of Surgery (MS) residency courses are important steps in gaining professional skills in medicine. At the end of these courses a doctor becomes an expert in the prescribed subject. The examinations for MD and MS courses of all the medical colleges of the country are held under Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU). The university authorities control the whole process of examination.
Generally, for medical officers working in government hospitals and BSMMUs, the rule is that after two years of hospital service, they will be considered eligible for the course. However, candidates from marginal areas or basic faculties will be eligible to apply for at least one year. Even medical officers will get study leave with pay during the course if they attend the course as per rules for higher education.
Two years rule lapses
It is known that in the admission notification for MD/MS-2022 residency course, two years of service has been mentioned in the case of medical officer of BSMMU, but it has been removed from the admission notification for 2023 and 2024. Even the notification does not mention any specific rules for medical officers of BSMMU. In this opportunity, other medical officers are also admitted to the course without fulfilling the two-year requirement.
BSMMU Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Md. Sharfuddin Ahmed has allowed his son and his son’s wife to take courses ahead of schedule, which is against university laws.

Meanwhile, although the issue of reducing course time is presented as ‘relaxed’ in the interests of students, experts say that the university is not only depriving the talented by not following the law, but has questioned the acceptability of the residency system of BSMMU. BSMMU authorities say, “Applying, obtaining admit card, sitting or passing the examination by concealing information is illegal and his course will be cancelled”.
All students taking opportunity
As there is no specific rule for medical officers of BSMMU for admission in MD/MS course, other students are also taking advantage of it. On November 24, after the admission test for MD/MA-2024 residency course of BSMMU, the complaint was raised; Some medical officers of the university have applied for the course by concealing the information. When the admission results were released, it was seen that none of the five who stood first in various categories had completed two years as a medical officer. According to the latest information, the admission process of these students is ongoing.
Dr. Farhana Khanam Farha, daughter-in-law of BSMMU Vice-Chancellor took First in Pediatrics in MD/MS Course Admission Test. She also joined the post of medical officer in January last year. When contacted on his mobile phone, he advised to speak to the authorities.
Dr. Labiba Chowdhury joined the service as a medical officer on February 4 last year. As such, his service was less than a year old. Dr. Labiba stood first in MS course in Otolaryngology this year. When asked, he said, there is no obstacle to take the exam. Since I have given the exam without fulfilling the conditions, even if I pass, the authorities will not allow me to join the course. However, if you want to know more about this, he also advises you to talk to the authorities.
Dr. Md. Soumik Anaf, joined Super Specialized Hospital as Medical Officer on January 14 last year. As such, he has not completed a year. He stood first in the examination of residency program in MD/MS phase. When asked, he said, it is mentioned in clause 6 of the circular that regular doctors can participate in the residency course. Examination for regularization can be given within six months of joining BSMMU. In reality there is no chance at all.
Similarly, the medical officer working in the super specialized hospital. Nizam Uddin Shaon stood first in urology department. He joined the service in August 2022. In this regard, he said, only regular medical doctors can participate in the course. I became regular about seven to eight months ago. Moreover, BSMMU has two and three year sabbaticals. At this time many people take the course.
Dr. Saiful High stood first in MS Orthopedics. He also joined in January last year.
Sharfuddin doing for children!
There are complaints, the vice-chancellor professor Dr. Mohammad Sharfuddin Ahmed’s younger son Dr. Tanveer Ahmed admitted to another course before completion of two years after completion of one course in total illegality. As per the rules of the university, he got study leave two years before he got the job only because he was the son of the Vice-Chancellor.
Professor Sharfuddin Ahmed’s eldest son Dr. Tajbir Ahmed. After getting a job as a medical officer at a university on the authority of his father, he took a five-year study leave and went to Japan. Recently, he returned to the country and went to San Francisco in the United States on a four-year study leave, which is unprecedented. The concerned officials say that there is no opportunity to take study leave for more than five years. If you want to take leave later, you must take approval from the Syndicate meeting. But there is no letter in this regard in the university.
According to the rules of the university, no professor, teacher or officer of the university can be in charge of the examination if any close relative is a candidate. It has not been heard that any vice-chancellor broke this rule after the establishment of the university. However, the exception in this case is the current vice-chancellor. Sharfuddin Ahmed. According to the documents obtained from the office of the controller of examinations of the university, the head of the overall supervision committee of that examination was the Vice-Chancellor himself.
Allegations have been raised that the Vice-Chancellor has done everything only for the children – it would be wrong to say so. He abused his power and hired about ten people including his daughter-in-law, two nephews, sister-in-law’s son without any advertisement.
Other officials know nothing
If there is any new decision or change regarding any course of the University, the rule in this case is that it will first go to the Academic Council. After passing the Academic Council, it will go to the Syndicate Council. Even if it is passed to the syndicate, it will be published in the form of notification. However, it has been found out from the Academic Council and the Syndicate Council that the conditions of employment for two years in the MD-MS course have not been changed through discussion in any of the councils.
When five academic council members were called to find out whether any new rules have been introduced in the MD/MS course of the university, they said that they are not aware of any new rules. Professor AKM Zahid Hossain, chairman of pediatric surgery department of BSMMU, said, “I don’t know whether there has been a new rule or not. We still know that medical officers can apply after two years of service.
Professor Ferdousi Begum, former chairman of pathology department, professor of pharmacology department. Sayedur Rahman, Chairman of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Prof. Matiur Rahman and Chairman of the Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics Professor Mohammad Ali Asghar Moral also said, “They do not know about the new rules”.
Experts say that talented doctors are being deprived of course opportunities as the university does not comply with the law. This questioned the acceptability of BSMMU’s residency system.
In case of irregular admission, the course will be cancelled
To know about this, BSMMU Pro-Vice Chancellor (Academic) Professor Dr. When AKM Mosharraf Hossain was contacted, he asked to come to the office to speak. AKM Mosharraf Hossain said when he visited the Pro-Vice Chancellor’s office on December 31, the rule is that medical officers should first be regular and then permanent.
When asked whether the admission test rules for 2022 have been changed in 2023 and 2024, he said, “According to the notification, we have to say that the rules that we had before are no more.” He said, ‘I can’t say anything about it. The controller (examination controller) can say better about this.’ Then he called the controller.
BSMMU examination controller Abdul Hakeem said, “This year seven thousand 540 people took the entrance examination. A little over 700 have passed. The medical officers here can apply only if they are regular.
When asked when this rule was made, he said, ‘It is a matter of the syndicate, I cannot say. You talk to the registrar sirs. I can say this, if someone gets admission by concealing the information, his course will be cancelled.
In this regard, Assistant Registrar GM Abdul Hasan said, “So far, no new rules for residency courses have come up in the Academic Council. The government wanted to change the residency course rules, but our university authorities never agreed to change the rules. Because, if this rule is violated, the quality of the course may be damaged.
What said VC Sharfuddin Ahmed
BSMMU Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Sharfuddin Ahmed said, ‘Those who are regular doctors in our university can get admission. And those who are sent by the government, they have to stay in the village for two years after the internship. If you want to do post-graduation, you have to take an exam, if you pass the exam, you can get admission.
When asked whether there is any age limit for the medical officers of BSMMU, he said, “Our rule is that whenever they become regular, they will be taken if they pass the exam.”
In 2022 there was a rule of two years of employment, has it been abolished or not? In this context, he said, “That rule no longer exists. Those who are out of the course, I am also giving them a chance. Those who left the course and went home, we are also bringing them back to take the exam. I have now relaxed these. Now there is no problem.
When asked whether the rules have been changed or not, the vice-chancellor said, “It is not a change, but a relaxation.” Those who are regular have been given the opportunity of admission.
Allegations have been raised that he has taken such a decision to give special benefits to a special person. I have not broken the law in anything.’

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