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Bangladesh - January 28, 2023

guest birds flocking into Cumilla lakes

Cumilla Correspondent: A good number of guest birds are flocking into various water bodies, including ponds and lakes, in the district, adding a new dimension to the surrounding areas with alluring beauty.
During a visit to a lake situated in front of the Government Primary School in the Champak Nagar area under CumillaAdarshaSadarupazila, it was found that people were coming from different parts of the country to enjoy the astonishing beauty of nature which was created with the presence of those birds. The surrounding areas are the full chirping of birds. Some birds were seen floating in the pond while many were seen gathering food from the water hyacinth.
GaziRiaz Mahmud, the owner of the pond, told BSS that the pond has become a haven for guest birds for the last four years.
“I am ensuring so that none can harm these migratory birds.”
Jamil Khan, Director of Wild Watch Info Cumilla, told, that previously guest birds stayed in Dharamsagar and Chhotra water bodies during the winter season even a few years ago.
“But, currently no guest birds stay there due to the degradation of the environment,” he said.
“Birds of winter countries come to our country. They travel thousands of kilometres hoping for a little warmth, and secluded places, water bodies and forests,” he added.
Unfortunately, guest birds cannot stay as guests in this country as they are caught by hunters. Birds maintain the balance of the environment. The ponds of Cumilla should create the environment so that birds can stay there, he opined.
Amitabh Kumar Barai, Associate Professor, of the Department of Zoology of Cumilla Victoria College, told that every year the guest birds come from the valley region of Siberia, Australia, Russia, Finland and Tibet. The birds include Baldhens, Rajhans, Manikjors, Gangbutars, Chinese geese, Nairal Langi, Bolapakhi, Harials, Banhurs, Burlihus and Syrian Patira.
“Birds not only protect the balance of the environment by eating garbage, but they also contain phosphorus in urine, which is helpful in vegetable production,” he informed.
“Everyone must come forward to these protect birds for the sake of ecological balance,” he said.

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