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Bangladesh - April 29, 2024

Half of expats sell out their Purbachal plots

Earned huge profit

Mahfuja Mukul: Tanveer Mahmud was allotted a plot of 10 katha under the expatriate quota in the Purbachal New Town project of the Capital Development Authority (RAJUK). For this he deposited Tk 30 lakh in Rajuk’s treasury. The plot number 47 of road number 107 of sector number 10 was sold by Tanveer to Majbahul Haq. Rajuk had approved the sale on November 23 last year.
Tanveer informed Rajuk about selling the plot for Tk 50 lakh. Although currently 10 katha plots in Purbachal are being sold for Tk 12-15 crores. Syed Mustafa Belal was allotted plot number 3 of road number 301 in sector number 10 in Purbachl under expatriate quota. He sold it to Nabila Hasan on February 28. Plot No. 4 allotted to expatriate category on 402/B Road in Sector No. 26 has also been sold on January 31. Allottee Md. Mokhleshur Rahman sold the 7 khata plot to Shariful Islam, a resident of Uttara.
Half of the plots allotted to expatriate quota in Purbachale have been sold in this way. According to Rajuk sources, out of 25,016 plots in Purbachal new city project, about 4 thousand plots have been allotted to expatriate quota. About half of those 4,000 plots have already been sold to others. A handful of allottees in expatriate quota passed the design but did not build houses.
While searching for the reason, Rajuk officials found out that most of the people who have been allotted plots are working in Bangladesh embassies in developed countries and others are established in the private sector. As a result, they do not feel the urge to build houses in Purbachal. Just handing over the paper and taking the money.
In this regard, Rajuk member (Estate) Mohammad Nurul Islam told Daily Industry, “It is difficult to tell the exact amount of expatriate quota plot sales.” But there is a lot of handing over. If an allottee wants to sell the plot according to the rules, we cannot stop it.
According to an engineer working on this project, those whose land has been acquired have received Tk 14,000 to 15,000 per category. Rajuk developed this land and allocated it for Tk 2 lakh to Tk 3 lakh per category. The allottees have sold that land at different times for Tk 70 lakhs to Tk 1 crores each.
Purbachal new city project land wing of Rajuk revealed that most of the plots transferred or sold in Purbachal in the last few years are of expatriate quota.
Experts believe that the method of plot allocation is responsible for the Purbachal project not being habitable even in three decades. They say that the system of allotment of plots is flawed. Urbanist and architect Iqbal Habib said that while there is an acute housing crisis for the lower and middle classes in the country, a large part of the plots in this important government project has gone to the expatriate quota. It is completely absurd.
According to the information of Rajuk, there are 10 thousand 12 plots of 3 katha, 10 thousand 361 of 5 katha, 2 thousand 618 of 7.5 katha, 2 thousand 25 of 10 katha among the residential plots in Purbachal project. Out of 25 thousand 16 plots, 24 thousand 842 have been allotted. Out of these 157 plots are in process of allotment.
The concerned officials said that a total of 6,213 acres of land has been spent for the acquisition of Tk 542 crore in this project. According to that, Tk 2 lakh 90 thousand have been spent for the acquisition of each bigha of land. The cost per wood is about Tk 14 thousand. Later, Rajuk allocated Tk 2 lakh per plot for three kata plots, Tk 2 lakh 25 thousand for 5 katha plots, Tk 2 lakh 50 thousand for 7.5 katha plots and Tk 3 lakh for 10 katha plots. As a result, the allottee had to deposit Tk 6 lakh in the treasury of Rajuk for three wooden plots; Tk 11 lakh 25 thousand to be paid for a five katha plot; Tk 18 lakh 75 thousand for seven and a half katha plot and Tk 30 lakh for 10 katha plot. Those who got the land under expatriate quota, they sold it at Tk 70 lakh to Tk 1 crore per katha.
Several officials of Rajuk said that Rajuk is getting less revenue on the total amount due to allotment of plots at low prices. For the same reason, the government is also getting less registration tax.
When asked about these matters, Housing and Public Works Minister Ubaidul Moktadir Chowdhury refused to comment.
Architect Iqbal Habib said, “Those who do not live in the country do not get houses on their plots. They have no urge to go home. They are taking money by selling these lands at 25-30 times higher price. Actually, the land is not being sold; Only one paper is being sold. I do not see any reason to make the rich richer by impoverishing the land owners.

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