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Bangladesh - June 6, 2021

Hasan urge political parties to protectenvironment

Ayub Ali from Ctg: Information and Broadcasting Minister and Joint General Secretary of Awami League (AL) Dr Hasan Mahmud said that the responsibility of politicians is to inform and teach good habits to the people.
“I urge all political parties to stand united against those who destroy the environment, work against nature and destroy nature. We need the world for us, but the world doesn’t need people for her,” he said.
The information minister stressed on creating social movement to save the nature for saving mankind.
“Nature will have to be protected not for its interest, but for saving human beings” he said this as chief guest yesterday while addressing a discussion meeting on the occasion of World Environment Day at Bangladesh Television Chattogram Center.
Mentioning many species are going extinct everyday Dr Hasan said, “For this we should protect the nature for our own interest and we need to create social movement in this regard. Then we will remain protected and the nature as well.”
He said that many species have come to the earth, they have become extinct, but the earth is fine.
“If mankind also becomes extinct from the earth, then nothing will happen to the earth. The way we are destroying the environment, the nature, we are destroying our very existence. By destroying the environment and nature, man is constantly threatening his own existence,” Hasan said.
“So, we have to save the environment and nature for our own interest”, he added.
Nitai Kumar Bhattacharya, General Manager, BTV Chattogram Center presided over the function while Abdul Awal Sarkar, Conservator of Forests, Chattogram region, Anup Kumar Khastgir and Deputy Chief News Editor of Bangladesh Television, among others, addressed the function.
Dr. Hasan Mahmud said, “If two crore people of Dhaka city and about eighty lakh people of Chattogram city think that they will throw garbage here and there, the cleaners will clean it, then it will never be possible to keep the cities clean. That is why, as a student of environmental science and environmental activist, I request everyone to plant at least three trees each.
This is the slogan of Bangabandhu’s daughter Jananetri Sheikh Hasina.”
“Since the arrival of Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina in Bangladesh in 1981, the AL has been carrying out tree plantation programs all over the country through the Krishak League since 1983.
Everyone will plant a tree of fruit and herbal, this is her slogan,” he said.
“Where the financial value of a tree is immense, roadside afforestation is not wasted, the people guard it, because this social afforestation is owned by the people on the side of the road. It has been changed by Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina.
This has been made possible due to the dynamic leadership of the Prime Minister and the adoption of various social forestry programs involving the people,” he added.
Dr Hassan said that the earth was created four and a half billion years ago, science says that life existed on the earth two hundred and eight billion years ago.
“Millions of years have passed since life first appeared on the earth. But then most of the animals became extinct.
The main reason for this is that the animals that emerged at that time could not survive due to changes of nature and environmental disasters,” he added.
Dr. Hassan Mahmud said that the widely accepted theory about the corona virus is that the corona virus has been transmitted from a particular animal to the human body at present.
“We are infected with the corona virus because of the use of all kinds of animals for our own needs, eating all kinds of animals. Everyone is feeling how Corona has defeated people yesterday. We can’t breathe oxygen from the air directly,” he said.
He said “It is because of us that we have to cover our respiratory system with mask. We, the people of the world, have improved a lot, but even after so much improvement we see how helpless we are to Corona.”

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