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Bangladesh - November 2, 2021

Hasina urges expatriates to invest more in BD

Industry Desk: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged the expatriate Bangladeshis all over the world to invest more in Bangladesh as investment opportunities for them have increased in all sectors.
“We’ll find out the barriers, if any, in this regard and I assure you all of solving those problems for your convenience to invest, which will be beneficial for all,” she said in a civic reception accorded to her by the expatriate Bangladeshis living in Scotland on Monday.
The Prime Minister joined the programme virtually from her place of residence here.
Hasina said the present Awami league government is very much a pro-people one as it always thinks about the development of the country and the welfare of its people.
She mentioned that the government has already introduced two percent incentives for the expatriate Bangladeshis for sending money back home from abroad through a proper channel. “No one demanded for that, even no one thought about that, I myself introduced this incentive,” Hasina said.
She also mentioned that the government has established a bank for the expatriate Bangladeshis.
Regarding allegations made by some expatriates that they are facing problems in investing in Bangladesh, the Prime Minister said she doesn’t know what kind of problems the expatriates are facing while investing in Bangladesh. Hasina also said the government has already given necessary directives to the Bangladesh Development and
Investment Authority (BIDA) to remove all bottlenecks for investments. “There’ll be a roadshow in London where I’ll ask BIDA to look into the matter,” she said.
Briefly describing the massive development activities of the government carried out by the present Awami League government in the last 12 years, Hasina said the government is offering special facilities for the expatriates to invest in Bangladesh. But she requested them to follow the laws of the land while investing in Bangladesh as there’re rules and regulations for investment across the globe. “I hope that you’ll do that,” she said.
There are investment and premium bonds in Bangladesh and the expatriates can invest availing of that advantage, the Prime Minister said, adding that the government is setting up some 100 economic zones and the expatriates can invest there, too.
Referring to a government survey where it showed that only 10 upazilas out of 495 have ultra-poor people in the country, Hasina said the government is finding out why they are still in this bad shape. “I’ve already given directives to make a plan for removing this situation. Inshallah, we’ll be able to change this situation within a couple of months. So, there’ll be no ultra-poor in the country,” she said.
The Prime Minister mentioned that the government is in negotiation to start Dhaka-New York and Dhaka-Toronto flights soon.
Talking about the demonstration by BNP men in Scotland, the Awami League president questioned why they are doing that. “My question is what’s my fault, I developed Bangladesh, reduced the poverty rate, and made the people of Bangladesh self-sufficient in food,” she said.
Hasina also said Bangladesh does not need to beg foreigners anymore. “Ninety percent of our development projects are done with our own financing. BNP wants to put the country in the deplorable condition again as it was during its regime. “If thieves like them (BNP) come to power again, Bangladesh will plunge into the era of darkness again,” she said.
The Prime Minister mentioned that the BNP-Jamaat clique never wants the development of the country as they did not want the independence of Bangladesh.

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