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Bangladesh - March 19, 2023

Have enough stock no scope of price hike in Ramadan

Staff Correspondent: Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi has said the government has enough stock of daily commodities and there is no scope of hike in their prices during the holy month of Ramadan.
“We’ve got sufficient oil, sugar, chickpeas, and other essential commodities in stock. There’s no scope to increase prices,” he told reporters after a meeting of Task Force committee on commodity prices and market monitoring at the commerce ministry yesterday.
He said the government has taken all necessary measures to keep the prices of essential goods under control during Ramadan.
The minister said the government is working to keep the prices of eggplant, cucumber, lemon, and chicken under control during the holy month. “Meetings at various levels have been held in the past 15 days to keep the prices of Ramadan goods under control,” he said.
He also mentioned strict vigilance has been ensured to prevent extortion during the transportation of these products.
“No extortion will be tolerated on roads and highways during Ramadan,” he said.
He also said onion price is now at tolerable level and imports have been slowed down a little bit to give farmers a fair price.
He said that the market will be closely monitored during Ramadan.
“Some may attempt to take advantage of the situation. Anyone who will try to take advantage will face consequences,” he added.

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