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Bangladesh - Corporate - February 20, 2023

How much expenses on Rohingyas by NGOs?

Govt to seek accountability

Staff Correspondent: There are allegations that various NGOs working with Rohingyas are funding extremists. For this reason, the government has planned to ask for an accountability of the expenses of the NGOs working with Rohingyas.
Liberation War Affairs Minister AKM MozammelHaque said this to reporters yesterday after the meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Law and Order held at the conference room of the Ministry of Home Affairs.
The minister said that various NGOs are conducting activities in Rohingya camps. They have to give a statement of how much money they have received. At the same time, how much money is spent on the Rohingyas, and how much money is spent by the authorities during distribution.
He said, I see how much money has come for the Rohingyas in various newspapers. A Rohingya earns $12. After that, apart from the salaries and allowances of the officials, do they spend anything? Because complaints are coming in, it will be necessary to investigate them. Allegedly they fund extremists. It should make clear.
In response to the question, the minister said, “I do not have the authority to ask for accountability from those who are funding.”
The initiative to take account of the money of the NGOs working with the Rohingyas was taken earlier, why now again, or is it a follow-up?”
To this question the minister said: For awareness, we have informed them that if the money given is used properly, everyone will benefit. If the fund that comes is divided by 12 lakh, it will come out. Out of this 25 percent excludes their (NGOs) miscellaneous expenses, then the principal amount being paid will come out. An account has been sought to investigate whether the remaining 75 percent of the money is spent on the work of the Rohingyas.” added the minister.
He said, law and order is normal in the country now. We are satisfied with that.
Referring to the upcoming month of Ramadan, the minister said, “We are very aware of the price of goods during Ramadan. At the same time, mobile courts should be run to prevent food adulteration, and it should be ensured that there is no shortage of essential products during Ramadan and that supplies are plentiful. The government is also making preparations so that the prices of the products are fixed and the supply is normal.
He said that February 11 should be celebrated in a stately manner. Security arrangements are made here for foreign diplomats as per state etiquette. Commissioner (DMP Commissioner) has been asked for their security. So that they can pay their respects. There should not be overcrowding during this time.
Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal, representatives of various ministries and representatives of various law enforcement agencies were present in the meeting presided over by AKM MozammelHaque.

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