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Bangladesh - November 29, 2023

Human chain formed by relatives of prisoners

‘Kill all our family members together’

Staff Correspondent: Dhaka Metropolitan BNP leader Leon Haque and Rajib Hasan’s sister said, ‘My two brothers were arrested by the police, one brother was missing for a month and then arrested. A year ago, my sister-in-law was shot dead by RAB in Lakshmipur, she used to work for BNP, then they returned the body after we bribed Tk 20 lakh. They didn’t even want to give the body at first. I will tell Sheikh Hasina, if I and my family do not have the right to live, then kill us all together, not one by one. We have committed a crime by playing BNP politics, we want the whole family to die now’.
The family members of imprisoned and sentenced leaders took part in a human chain in front of the National Press Club at 11 am on Tuesday (November 28) while protesting against the government.
Dhaka Metropolitan BNP leader Sheikh Moniruzzaman’s wife said, ‘The police arrested my husband by breaking down the door at two o’clock in the morning. My husband is elderly, I begged the police not to take away the elderly sick innocent man, but the police broke into the house and took him away mercilessly.’
Chhatra Dal leader Aman Ullah Aman’s elder brother’s daughter said, Police tortured my father without finding my uncle. Remanded. Then my uncle was arrested and brutally tortured, remanded for a long time. What is their crime? Their crime was that they wanted their voting rights back. That is their crime.
BNP leader Abul Basar’s wife, who was killed in jail, said, ‘I want justice for losing my husband, orphaned my child, arrested and brutally tortured by the police.’ As a result, my husband died. I want justice for the murder of my husband.
The wife of the senior vice-president of Jubo Dal, SM Jahangir Hossain, said, ‘Where will we go! The plaintiff in my husband’s case is the police, the police filed the case, the police gave witnesses. How is it judged! When protesting such injustice in front of the judge in the court, the judge says ‘don’t talk about the law here.’
BNP Vice Chairman Shahjahan’s wife Rahima Shahjahan Maya said, ‘My husband has been jailed for two years, he is not guilty, our family has been destroyed. Let the false case against my husband be withdrawn.’
Dhaka Metropolitan BNP leader Abdul Hai Bhuiyan said, ‘Police have arrested my 3 sons and one son’s wife. Jailers are arresting them and torturing them inhumanely, even if they go to see those who have been arrested, the police are harassing their relatives at the police station. I want to tell the conscientious people at home and abroad; Think about how we spend our days.’
Mina Akhter, wife of BNP leader Kausar Hossain, who went missing in 2013, said, ‘My child is 13 years old, he has not seen his father yet after his divorce. When he says mom can’t see my father’s face? Then my chest burst.
Barrister Tabassum, daughter of Ruhul Quddus Talukdar, said, ‘My father is seriously ill, he is suffering from cancer! But they kept him in jail without releasing him. I want my father’s release.

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