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Corporate - July 7, 2022

I couldn’t visit my factory for 3 years: Faruque Hassan

Al Ehsan: President of Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) Faruque Hassan has not visited his own factory after engaged BGMEA activities and Covid Pandemic. Faruque Hassan, who is also the Managing Director of Giant Group, made this remark in an interview with the Daily Industry.
He also highlighted the present situation of Readymade Garments (RMG) sector of Bangladesh in the interview. The following is an excerpt from his conversation:
Daily Industry: How are you? Last month you felt some uncomfortable situation in physically.
Faruque Hassan: I feel better now. I have decreased my blood pressure.
Daily Industry: As per I know, you can’t visit your factory about two years.
Faruque Hassan: Not two years actually, when I had started the election campaign for the post of BGMEA, I was fully engaged with the apparel sector in the whole country and Covid restrictions also bound me to go my factory about three years.
Daily Industry: For the global situation, price fixing up process is being complex day by day. Have you feel some relax for the 10 percent incentives?
Faruque Hassan: It’s a great element for this crucial situation when the yarn, container, dais, chemical, labor charge, electricity, gas, bank and fright charge all are increasing. We adjust the incentives when we propose the price in the international market.
Daily Industry: After the Sitakunda fire disaster, what method did you follow to reduce loss of any next fire accident if happened?
Faruque Hassan: We have taken some instructions by our team, like use of fire ball in every container.
Daily Industry: What initiatives have you taken for the Shaheed fire fighter in Sitakunda incident?
Faruque Hassan: We already said to BM Depot to give sufficient money for the family of dead people.
Daily Industry: To achieve goal of the green factory in Bangladesh, do you think that the capital infrastructure should import without VAT?
Faruque Hassan: Yes, I think authority should think about the global demand.
Daily Industry: How do you feel when PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) have the record of ban in India for auditing purpose, but BGMEA now work with it?
Faruque Hassan: We measure PwC as an International connecting firm, we want to use it for branding Bangladesh.
Daily Industry: After making the Padma Bridge, have you think that the transport system is suitable for use to go Mongla Port?
Faruque Hassan: Railway and some other works will be finished within this year. Then all will analysis the situation.
Daily Industry: Some other trade organizations demand to enjoy bond merit for 3 years. What do you think about it?
Faruque Hassan: We have no objection about it. It will good for boosting economy.
Daily Industry: What is the amount of damaged RMG products in Sitakunda fire accident?
Faruque Hassan: We have not got full data yet about this.
Daily Industry: After establishment the direct shipment with Chittagong to Europe, what is your next route to establish?
Faruque Hassan: We are now trying to establish the route for Japan and Korea, and then we shall establish the direct shipment channel with USA.
Daily Industry: We see BGMEA the only trade body who took initiatives for the salary and bonus payment before the Eid.
Faruque Hassan: Yes, we have given high priority to payment the due before Eid for our workers and it is our duty.

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