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Bangladesh - Corporate - May 8, 2022

Import of 28 categories goods banned

New import policy

Staff Correspondent: The new import policy order has banned the import of 26 types of products including shrimp, condensed sugar, artificial mustard oil. The previous order had banned the import of 12 categories of goods but this time it has more than doubled. On April 24, the Ministry of Commerce issued a notification of this order for a period of three years, i.e. for 2021-24. To import goods from any country in the world one has to follow the import policy order.
The 2015-16 Import Policy Order expires on June 30, 2016. The import policy of mid-2017-21 was not ordered.
Imported products are being banned
Shrimp, live pigs and all kinds of pig products, condensed sugar, artificial mustard oil, poppy seeds and poppy seeds, grass (andropogenspp), wine lease and argol, liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquefied propranolol and butane (All products except petroleum gas and other gaseous hydrocarbons (all HS codes corresponding to HS heading 26.11), petroleum coke and petroleum oil residues except petroleum bitumen are prohibited.
Also substandard products or used, reconditioned products or factory discarded products, used motorcycles, gas syringes, two-stroke engines and three-wheelers with chassis, gambling equipment and parts including casinos, photocopiers, typewriters, telex, phones, faxes, old computers Import of computer equipment and old electronics, fertilizers made of all kinds of industrial sludge and sludge and any product, all kinds of waste products are prohibited.
Products that do not show boundaries include maps, charts and geographical globes, horror comics, pornography, subversive literature, news magazines, posters, photos, films, papers, audio-video tapes, and so on. Also, products that hurt religious sentiment and their petticoats, various chemical pesticides and manufactured goods under the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutance (POP).
According to the map published by the Bangladesh Survey Department, these products in Bangladesh include Aldrin, Chlorden, DDT, Di-Aldrin, Andrin, Heptachlor, Mirex, Toxofen, Hexchlorobenzene, Polychlorinated Biphenyl, Hydraulic Polychloride, Hydraulic Horn. And polythene bags etc. The new import policy states that in the case of cinema, no film made in the subcontinental language can be imported without a film co-produced with Bangladesh. However, the same number of films made in Bangladesh can be imported to SAFTA countries, subject to the objection of the Ministry of Information.
All types of toys and recreational products must be specified to be applicable to a child of any age, and plastic toys need to be certified by the appropriate exporting country to the effect that they are ‘not harmful to health’.
Products that are subject to import condition
The new import policy order states that some products will be imported subject to conditions. These products include – Furnace Oil, 4.5 cm diameter or longer fishing current nets, car imports over five years old, more than three years old and all types of motorcycles above 165 cc including LNG and liquefied propane and petroleum gas except liquefied petroleum gas and others. Residue of petroleum oil without hydrocarbons and petroleum coke and petroleum bitumen.

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