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Bangladesh - World wide - October 27, 2021

In search of over 3,000 foreign criminals…!

Many staying illegally after expiring of visas

Golam Mostafa Jibon: Over 3,000 foreigners, who are living in the country illegally after expiring of visas, are actively wandering in the criminal world that posing threat to the society.
Like other countries in the world, Bangladesh also receives thousands of foreign tourists every year. Many stay here illegally after their visas expire. Many of them got involved in the criminal world along with the local fraudsters. They are now trampling the criminal world of the country.
According to law enforcement, at least 3,000 foreign nationals living illegally in the country are involved in a variety of criminal activities. Most of them are from Nigeria, South Africa, Brazil and China. Meanwhile, detectives have also received information that 51 people were operating bank accounts against members of a Nigerian ring. Attempts are being made to arrest the members of this ring. A number of various weapons, Yaba, heroin, counterfeit currency and even VoIP equipments have recently been recovered from the members of foreign gangs.
A few days ago, this cycle has swindled crores of Taka in the name of giving gifts through parcels from abroad. The native cycle has been associated with it. Hundreds of women have been accused of falling into the trap of this cycle.
Many families have broken up after being cheated. The cycle is located at a special place in the capital’s Gulshan, Banani, Uttara, Dhanmondi and Bhatara.
Sources in the Special Branch (SB) of the police said that, so far more than 3,000 foreigners are living in the capital alone. Neighbors are becoming restless due to their nuisance. Every day they are involved in some or the other crimes.
RAB Additional Director General (Operations, ADG) Colonel KM Azad said, “Foreign gangs have been involved in various crimes including deception by holding hostages for a long time. The RAB has also arrested several foreign nationals in recent times. Many of the cycle are still out of reach. We are working to arrest them.”
Hazrat Shahjalal Airport APBN sources said, so far, APBN has arrested many foreigners, who are staying illegally and involved in various crimes. They were handed over to the CID after arrest, as CID basically looks after such cases.
Sources in the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the police said, although many of the foreign gang members have been arrested so far, they do not have any list of arrests.
According to the intelligence sources, The cycle has swindled crores of Taka by opening accounts in the name of ordinary egg traders and masons. The scam was still going on.
RAB has arrested 209 illegal foreign nationals since its inception. Four foreign pistols, six magzines, 26 rounds of ammunition, one LG, one knife, 4 Kg and 100 grams of heroin, Yaba, VoIP equipment and a large quantity of items were seized from the arrested persons.
Recently, a team of Dhaka Metropolitan Gulshan Division arrested three people including Morzina and Shahidul involved in various misdeeds including fraud. During their interrogation in remand, it was learned that Shahidul had developed an immoral relationship with Morzina about a year ago in exchange for money. At that time, he offered to get involved in this cycle.
Shahidul said, it is possible to earn a lot of money in a short time in this way. As Marzina agreed, then Shahidul himself gives training.
Investigators said, the Nigerian gang had been transacting fraudulent money by opening bank accounts in the names of at least 51 people in Bangladesh. The main leader of the cycle is Saifur Rahman Mithu.
On September 27, Saifur and his two accomplices were remanded in custody for two days and questioned by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).
According to the investigators, they along with the Nigerians have swindled crores of Taka.
CID has received information of transacting more than crores of Taka through Mithu’s Dutch-Bangla Bank account, which number is 164151047128. CID recently sent a letter to the Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit (BFIU) seeking information on 51 bank accounts, including ATM cards and 18 checkbooks, said Sakhawat Hossain, the agency’s investigating officer.

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