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Bangladesh - December 24, 2023

India deploying bees to guard BD border

Staff Correspondent: A swarm of bees will rush in if you try to infiltrate across the barbed wire of the Indian border. BSF is thinking of using ‘trained’ bees to guard the border along with army jawans. Times of India reported this news in a report.
The media reported quoting BSF that the exercise of this system is going on now. If successful, it will be fully operational at the border. This is the first time that BSF has started the work of building a ‘bio defense’ system by placing bee boxes on the Bangladesh border.
India has a 222 km India-Bangladesh border at Nadia. BSF wants to build this system in that whole area. Bee cultivation has already started near the barbed wire in Koapipur part of Krishnaganj block of Nadia. Bee cages have been placed near the border.
The bees will come out of the cage when the barbed wire of the border moves. Attack intruders or smugglers. Even if they try to hide behind the barbed wire, they will chase them. This is how they are trained.

Not only the bee boxes, BSF is also planning to grow different herbs along the barbed wire. BSF wants to provide employment to the locals by cultivating various herbs like Shatamuli, Elangi, Tulsi and Aloe Vera.
This initiative of BSF is part of India’s ‘Vibrant Villagers Programme’. This method is used in villages along India’s border with China.
AK Arya, DIG, South Bengal Frontier, BSF, said, ‘Bio defense systems and cultivation of herbal plants are starting on the border. If successful, this system can be implemented in large areas.
A BSF official told The Times of India, “India is making every effort to make the border defense system safe and effective.” While this initiative is taken to prevent illegal infiltration and smugglers from Bangladesh, it will create employment opportunities and benefit economically to the Indian residents of the border.

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