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India may face US sanctions!

Asifiqbal Thakoor from Delhi: India has taken over the management of Iran’s Chabahar port for the next 10 years. An agreement in this regard was signed by New Delhi and Tehran on Monday (May 13) which was not taken well by the United States. In this incident, Washington issued a warning to India and said that the US sanctions on Iran are still in place. So those who want to do business with the country should consider the US sanctions.
In a press conference yesterday, when asked about the Tehran-New Delhi agreement, US State Department Deputy Spokesman Vedant Patel said that the US sanctions on Iran are still in force. Those looking to do business with Iran should consider the ‘risks involved’.
He also said that we are aware of the agreement between India and Iran regarding the port of Chabahar. I have nothing to say about India’s foreign policy. However, their agreement with Iran on the port of Chabahar falls under the bilateral relations of the two countries. US sanctions on Iran are in force and will remain in force.
Vedanta Patel said, if anyone is thinking of doing business with Iran, then sanctions may also be imposed on them. Let them remember that.
According to the report of the Indian media, due to the control of the port of Chabahar, India will be able to dominate the water transportation through Afghanistan, Iran to Russia. It can be used as an alternative route to reach Afghanistan and West Asia bypassing Pakistan. The port is also set to become the country’s main gateway to the greater Eurasian (Europe-Asia) region.
Sources say that this could be New Delhi’s trump card to compete with Pakistan’s Gadar Port and China’s Belt and Road.
A weapon to strengthen India’s strategic position, Chabahar’s nearest port is Kandala in Gujarat. The distance is 550 nautical miles. Distance to Mumbai is 786 nautical miles. India’s Shipping and Ports Minister Sarbananda Sonowal said that there is a plan to link Chabahar with the 7200 km wide international North-South Transport Corridor. It can be a hub for increasing connectivity between India, West Asia, Eurasia and reducing transport costs and time.
Pakistan was offering West Asian countries to increase trade using Karachi port. But India presents Chabahar as a profitable alternative. Countries like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan want to increase business in the Indian Ocean region through this. Businessmen of this country can also reach West Asia easily and cheaply. America also wants to join Chabahar port through INSTC.
Now New Delhi is fearing a sanction soon after the enactment of the port deal with Iran. South Block is trying to phase out the issue diplomatically but it could be difficult due to an unsolved issue regarding Bangladesh.

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