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Diplomatic - February 12, 2024

Is army coming to power in Pakistan?

Enayet Karim : Elections in Pakistan are full of drama. But this time the drama seems to be a bit too much. The country’s election commission ECP took three days to announce the election results! As the result announcement is over, the next scene of the drama is being staged in the country.
The big parties have started running to form alliances. However, if there is any deadlock in the nuclear-powered country around the elections, Pakistan may face great uncertainty ahead.
Even the possibility of the army taking power due to political change cannot be ruled out. Because the military has ruled the country for almost 30 years in its 76-year history.
Last Thursday (February 8) the National and Provincial Assembly polls were held in Pakistan. After three days of polling, the results of 264 out of 265 constituencies have been declared. Voting in one seat was postponed. And in another constituency, the election commission announced that the result has been postponed. As a result, the results have been declared in 264 seats.
According to Al Jazeera report, independent candidates supported by Imran Khan’s party PTI won the highest number of 101 seats. After that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz or PML-N won 76 seats, Pakistan Peoples’ Party 54 seats. Apart from this, other small parties got 37 seats.
As the election results are over, four events may happen in Pakistan. They are-
The reason for the delay in announcing the election results has been given by the government of Pakistan.

  1. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari of PPP and Nawaz Sharif can come to the government in alliance with other small parties.
  2. Independent candidates supported by Imran Khan may come to power in alliance with other parties. In this case, they have to make a big decision about who will be the prime minister.
  3. The PPP may press for the coalition government to be headed by its own party. Because no party can form the government without PPP. It is already heard that PPP has demanded the post of Prime Minister from Nawaz Sharif.
  4. It was seen that no party was able to form a coalition government. In that case, a strong army can take over the governance of the country. Such a history exists in Pakistan. As a result, there will be no surprise if this happens.

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