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District - July 7, 2021

Jamdani weavers of Narsingdi busy before Eid

Narsingdi Correspondent: The weavers of Jamdani Sharee at Daulatpur union of Monohardi upazila of the district are now busy producing attractive Jamdani sharee before Eid-ul Azha.
The weavers for better earning remain very busy before the Eid when demand for their produced product increases in the aristocratic markets of the capital and other major markets across the country.
Rafiqul Islam of Daulatpur union, after receiving training on Jamdani sharee weaving, opened a factory at his home in 1988 and gradually increased it till now.
Seeing Rafiqul’s success and the continuing demand of Jamdani Sharee, a number of people in the union started the same job and got their benefit. At present, there are 50 Jamdani weaving factories in the union and over 300 workers including the weavers are working in those factories relentlessly. Local entrepreneur Abu Based said he has set up 10 Jamdani Sharee weaving factories as it helped to generate employment for many poor families. Before Eid, the weavers are working 24 hours to earn more. He said Jamdani weaving factories also generate employment opportunities for the local poor women in different villages of the union who are now dreaming of a better future for their children. They have changed their fate by overcoming poverty and contributed a lot in building a middle-income nation.
While visiting the Daulatpur Jamdani Polli, the correspondent found that the weavers are passing busy time with making the finest textile.
Weavers Abdul Jabber and Abu Naser said various Jamdani Sharee are being produced here and each of the sharee on its quality and variety is being sold at Tk 5,000 to 20,000 in the capital and other markets of the country.
They said most of the women here now have become skilled craftswomen to decorate Jamdani Sharee with ornamental stitching to earn Tk 2,000 to 2,500 weekly and up to Tk 3,000 to 4,000 before the Eid festival.
Successful Craftswomen Salma, Anwara and Bilkis said they have achieved self-reliance through ornamental needlework in the Jamdani Sharee and they are earning around Tk 8,000 to Tk 10, 000 per month which is expected to increase further during the Eid time.

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