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Bangladesh - April 20, 2024

Landowners demand compensation before demolition of structures in Mugda

Staff Correspondent: The landowners along both sides of Mugda Main Road are urging authorities not to proceed with the demolition of their houses and buildings until they receive proper compensation for their land. ASM Salahuddin conveyed this appeal at a press conference held at the Bangladesh Crime Reporters Association (CRAB) auditorium Saturday on behalf of the affected landowners.

“As permanent residents residing on both sides of the main road in Mugda area, our ancestors and we have built houses on our own land with the approval of Rajuk over the years. Many individuals sustain themselves by operating shops or renting out commercial spaces. Additionally, several households have availed home construction loans from various financial institutions to build their homes. For many of us, these houses serve as our primary residence, while others rely on the rental income for livelihood,” Salahuddin mentioned.

As a landowner himself, Salahuddin stated, “According to the latest Dhaka city survey, Mugda Main Road is 30 feet wide. However, Rajuk’s notice revealed plans to widen the road to 50 or 60 feet as per the Detailed Area Plan (DAP) (2022-2035) prepared by Rajuk. Many of us have received notices from Rajuk requesting building designs, while others have not been officially notified. The local administration, including Rajuk officials, have conducted surveys of the constructions/buildings on both sides of the road. Despite these actions, the authorities have not yet legally acquired the lands.”

He further added, “Authorities have not provided any information regarding the extent of land to be acquired, compensation for the land, or the valuation of buildings and houses on the land. Meanwhile, recent announcements through public address systems in the area have caused panic among residents, stating that all structures along the road will be demolished on Sunday.”

Salahuddin emphasized, “While there are provisions for the acquisition of land for state or government needs, compensation must be provided to the landowners. It appears that the authorities intend to acquire our land and properties illegally without compensation. Consequently, we filed a writ petition in the Honorable High Court, which directed relevant authorities, including the Chairman of Rajuk, to engage with us legally within the next month to resolve the issue.”

He continued, “We urge all concerned parties, including the Prime Minister, to refrain from forcibly evicting us without providing compensation for our land and buildings. Illegal evictions will leave us with no choice but to defend our rights with our families.”

Salahuddin concluded by stating, “We have no objections to the acquisition of land as long as we receive the compensation we deserve. Many landowners, including Mahbubur Rahman, were present at the press conference.”

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