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District - Power & Energy - January 21, 2024

Largest urea factory going for production by this month

Narsingdi Correspondent: To increase the production of urea fertilizer in the country, the largest Ghorashal-Palash Urea Fertilizer Factory has been built at Palash in Narsingdi. And this fertilizer factory is going into commercial production on January 28 this month.
One of the mega projects of the present government is this Ghorashal-Palash Urea Fertilizer Factory. Its daily production capacity is 2,800 metric tons. And the annual production will be 9.24 lakh metric tons. By doing this, Narsingdi district and the whole of Bangladesh will go one step further.
On November 12, 2023, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina directly attended and inaugurated this fertilizer factory. But due to gas shortage and technical complications, the experimental production was stopped after a few days. After being closed for a long time, gas supply to the fertilizer factory has started on January 15.
Project Director Raziur Rahman Mallick said that on January 28 of this month, the fertilizer factory will start commercial fertilizer production at full speed. Apart from this, railway line work has started inside the fertilizer factory. After the tender, the work of railway line outside the fertilizer factory will start.
Note that the construction of the project has started on March 10, 2020. The probable date of completion was December 2023. The authorities were able to complete the construction of the fertilizer factory before the scheduled date. If the factory comes into production, 9.24 lakh metric tons of urea fertilizer will be available from here annually. This will reduce import dependence to 1 in 5. About Tk 22 thousand crore will be saved annually. The factory has been built with modern and environment friendly technology.
The factory was jointly built by Japan’s Mitsubishi Hebi Industries and China’s CC Seven. In its construction, the latest technology of the world has been used.
The most important thing is that all the fertilizer factories in Bangladesh emit carbon dioxide, which is a gas that pollutes the environment. Not only the fertilizer factories, but also all the power plants of the country release these polluting gases into the air. But this will be the first fertilizer factory in Bangladesh, where polluting gases will be captured and brought into the project process to produce additional 10% urea fertilizer. Collectively, 2,800 metric tons of urea fertilizer will be produced every day by using the latest technology.

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