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Education - July 28, 2022

Literacy rate in BD 74.66 pc

Staff Correspondent: The literacy rate in the country has risen to 74.66 per cent from 51.77 per cent in 2011.
The sixth Population and Housing Census report conducted by Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) unveiled this yesterday.
According to the report, literacy rate of men is 76.56 per cent and women is 72.82 per cent.
The country population is now 16,51,58,616. 11 years ago, it was 14,40,43,697. Some 2,11,14,919 have increased in 11 years. According to the report, country’s men are 8,17,12,824 and women are 8,33,47,206. The number of third gender population is 12,629.

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