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Corporate - July 26, 2022

Low-middle incomers to get loan of Tk 30 lakh to buy flat

Staff Correspondent: Low and middle-income people will get a loan of up to Tk 30 lakh without any collateral to buy a flat in an eco-friendly multi-storied building. Customers can take this loan for flats of a maximum of 750 square feet.
Bangladesh Bank’s (BB) Sustainable Finance Department issued a circular in this regard and sent it to commercial banks on Sunday.
It has been said that the banks will give loans at a maximum interest rate of 5 to 6 percent at the customer level. In this case, the maximum interest rate will be 5 percent for loans less than five years, 5.5 percent for less than 5-8 years and 6 percent for more than 8 years.
Interest rates on existing refinancing funds have been reduced to one percent at all stages. In total, customers can take this low-interest loan on 68 products that are currently considered to be environmentally friendly.
Banks and financial institutions contracted in the eco-friendly sector used to get funds at 4 percent interest till now. Now one percent is reduced, as a result, they will get the loan at a three percent interest rate.
Under the guidance of Bangladesh Bank’s existing Tk 400 crore refinancing program in the environment-friendly sector, the loan for the construction and purchase of new flats has been added.
The central bank’s circular also said that a 10-year loan with a grace period of 18 months can be taken for buying a flat in an environment-friendly multi-storied building. That is, the repayment of loan installments will start after one and a half years.
Loans will also be given for the construction of multi-storied eco-friendly housing consisting of individuals as well as small units. In this case, the housing company can take a loan of up to Tk 30 crore. The interest rate, loan tenure and grace period will remain the same for the company.

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