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Diplomatic - September 12, 2023

Macron wants to increase influence in Asia and Pacific

BD will play a leading role: Hasina

Diplomatic Correspondent: The main purpose of the visit of France President Emmanuel Macron to establish geopolitical stability in the Asia and Pacific region, where France has a good number of lands, including few independent islands. About 8000 France Army personnel are also engaged in the region.
France will continue to cooperate in the infrastructure development of Bangladesh. Besides, they are also interested in providing advanced and specialized technical assistance in building the strategic security infrastructure of Bangladesh. Bangladesh and France believe that the two countries will play a leading and responsible role in ensuring geopolitical stability in Asia and the Pacific region.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said these things in a statement after the bilateral meeting between Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and French President Emmanuel Macron yesterday. The meeting was held at the Prime Minister’s office in the morning.
According to the statement, the friendly relations which Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman initiated in 1972, today has reached a new level.
In a statement about the bilateral meeting, Sheikh Hasina said that there was a fruitful discussion on all matters with President Macron in a very cordial atmosphere. France respects and supports Bangladesh’s policy-making sovereignty in the context of ongoing geopolitical instability and economic uncertainty. Both of us are hopeful that this new strategic move between Bangladesh and France will play an effective role in establishing regional stability and world peace.
According to the statement, the constitutional and democratic continuity, development and good governance that has been going on in Bangladesh for the last one and a half decades are the main basis of this new relationship. The Government of France has expressed its satisfaction with the responsible and committed actions of the Government in protecting the fundamental rights and human rights of the people of Bangladesh.
Sheikh Hasina said, “The confidence of the French government in the incredible and continuous progress of the economy of Bangladesh was strongly quoted in the meeting. “ France reiterated its commitment to stand by the people and government of Bangladesh in the implementation of Vision 2041 by continuing Bangladesh’s commercial advantages in the European Union. For this, I express sincere thanks to the French government and the people of France under the leadership of President Macron on behalf of the people of Bangladesh at all levels.
The Prime Minister also said, “During President Macron’s visit, there were detailed discussions aimed at advancing the bilateral relations between the two countries and we were able to reach some agreements in that context. “
He said, ’We welcome France’s leading role in combating the negative effects of climate change and we applaud France’s call to create a sustainable fund under the leadership of President Macron. Apart from this, fruitful discussions have been held with France on education, culture and language exchange.

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