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Bangladesh - Diplomatic - May 28, 2023

Malaysia granted 427,779 BD workers visa application

2 lakh workers reach Malaysia, 2.25 lakh awaited

Industry Desk: Around two lakh Bangladeshi workers have reached Malaysia as of May 26, while the applications of around 2,25,000 new workers are currently undergoing processing.
The Bangladesh High Commission in Kuala Lumpur came up with the development through a press release issued yesterday.
According to the High Commission, the Malaysian government has already granted approval for 4,27,779 applications submitted by new Bangladeshi workers.
However, the High Commission has noted instances where some workers are facing difficulties in finding employment after their arrival in Malaysia.
The press release highlights concern regarding weaknesses in the demand approval process of the Ministry of Human Resources of Malaysia, as well as the negligence of certain agencies in addressing this issue.
However, the number of unlucky workers who have come to Malaysia and not found work is very insignificant compared to the total number of incoming workers and it is still at a controllable level.
The Bangladesh High Commission is working closely with the concerned employers, Malaysian government offices and recruitment agencies to solve the problems of these Bangladeshi workers so that even a single legally arriving Bangladeshi worker is not subjected to harassment in Malaysia, according to the press release.
Stating about the issuance of passports, the HC said from January 2023 to May 2023, the Bangladesh High Commission received about 1,25,000 passport applications, of which the process of about 93,895 passports has been completed and 52,000 passports have been delivered and twenty-five thousand passports are in the process for printing at the DIP in Dhaka.

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