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Bangladesh - Diplomatic - May 16, 2023

Malaysia labour dept helps 120 stranded BD workers find new jobs

Industry Desk: With the help of the Malaysian labour department, approximately 120 Bangladeshi migrant workers who had been left without jobs since their arrival legally four months ago have been given jobs.
The Malaysian ministry has announced that the stranded workers have been hired successfully by a new company that has offered to pay their salaries according to the minimum wage, reports Free Malaysia Today. “The human resources minister will give details of their employment soon,” the source told FMT.
Yesterday, the workers gathered at the Bangladeshi High Commission due to the growing frustration over their woes, says FMT.
Abraham, a spokesman for the workers, revealed that they had not been given jobs upon their arrival in February or paid any allowance in the last four months.
“They came here and their accommodation is not appropriate. Some of the places they were asked to stay at do not have proper sanitation and facilities. Their situation is very bad.
“Besides this, they have no jobs, no money, and no food to survive,” he told FMT.
According to Abraham, as many as 600 Bangladeshi migrant workers came into the country through four companies believing they would get jobs as housekeepers in Genting Highlands.
The Malaysian labour department released a statement saying it would sanction firms and withdraw licences from recruitment agencies involved in hiring migrant workers who found themselves stranded without jobs after arrival. They would also act against recruitment companies that misused government quotas and licences for hiring migrant workers.
Investigation involving companies related to the matter has already begun and the findings will be announced soon.

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