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Bangladesh - August 6, 2023

Mango exports increased by 55pc

Industry Report: After the government took initiative, the export of mangoes from Bangladesh to different countries of the world is increasing. Mango export from Bangladesh has increased by 55 percent this year compared to last year. According to government data, 2,700 tons of mangoes have been exported so far this year, which is 1,000 tons more than last year. A total of 1,757 tons of mangoes were exported last year.
This information was informed in a press release from the Ministry of Agriculture on Friday.
Last year mangoes were exported to 28 countries, this year mangoes were exported to 34 countries. Among them 1256 tons in UK, 296 tons in Italy, 260 tons in Saudi Arabia, 137 tons in United Arab Emirates, 111 tons in Qatar, 55 tons in Singapore, 14 tons in Switzerland, 70 tons in Germany, 85 tons in France, 65 tons in Sweden, 218 tons in Kuwait and Canada. 40 tons is significant.
About 25 lakh tons of mangoes are produced in the country annually. But the amount of export is very less compared to production. Only 232 tons in 2017-18 fiscal year, 310 tons in 2018-19 fiscal year, 283 tons in 2019-20 fiscal year, 1632 tons in 2020-21 fiscal year, 1757 tons in 2021-22 fiscal year have been exported.
According to the Ministry of Agriculture, although there is a huge demand for mangoes in the world market, the amount of exports is low due to non-compliance with various international standards including good agricultural practices. Therefore, to increase exports, the Ministry of Agriculture is implementing a project to increase the production of exportable mangoes. Under this project, farmers are being provided with various support including mango production following good agricultural practices. As a result, in the first year of the project, more than 1000 tons of mangoes were exported compared to last year.
Project Director. Arifur Rahman said that mangoes will be exported for another 15-20 days this year. As a result, the growth rate of exports will increase further if the full account of the year is obtained.

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