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Corporate - August 5, 2022

Market capital increased by Tk 21,000 cr in a week

Mahfuja Mukul: After falling for three consecutive weeks, the country’s stock market has gone through a major upswing last week. Shares and unit prices of most of the companies that participated in the trading during the week increased along with the price index. The market capitalization of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), the main stock market, has increased over Tk 21 thousand crores in one week. Earlier, the market capitalization fell by more than Tk 26 thousand crore in three consecutive weeks of decline.
The Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) fixed the floor price (minimum limit of price reduction) of each security and the consent given by the Ministry of Finance to consider the purchase price instead of the market price in the case of bank investment in the capital market has played a major role in keeping the stock market upward.
If there is a continuous fall in the stock market, on July 28, the regulatory body Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission announced the decision to fix the floor price of each share. Which is effective from last Sunday. Due to the adjustment of the prices, the share and unit prices of most of the companies increased as soon as the trading started in the stock market on Sunday. And the upward trend of the index started to increase as the trading time progressed. In this, the main index of DSE increased by 153 points in one day after a continuous decline.
And at the end of trading on Tuesday, the third working day of the week, rumors spread in the stock market that the Ministry of Finance has agreed to consider the purchase price instead of the market price in calculating the investment limit of the bank in the capital market. On the one hand, the transaction speed increases, on the other hand, the index has a big rise.
However, on Tuesday night itself, the matter of the letter of the Ministry of Finance started to be published from various media. In this situation, trading in the stock market started on Wednesday by increasing the prices of shares and units of almost all companies. This leads to a big rise in all the indices as well as an increase in transaction speed. As a result, DSE saw its highest trading volume in almost three months.
And on Thursday, the last working day of the week, there was a slight downward trend in the stock market at the beginning of the trading, but at the end of the trading, the notification of the Bangladesh Bank about the investment limit of the bank came. As a result, all indices ended the day trading higher. In this, the stock market has remained upward on five working days of the week.
The market capitalization of DSE stood at Tk 5 lakh 13 thousand 477 crore after the last business day of last week. Which was Tk four lakh 92 thousand 113 crore on the last working day of the previous week. That is, the market capitalization of DSE increased by Tk 21 thousand 364 crore last week. The market capitalization decreased by Tk 26 thousand 659 crore in the previous three weeks of continuous decline.
Apart from the increase in market capitalization, shares and units of most of the companies on the DSE registered their names in the list of gainers last week. During the week, shares and units of 373 companies participating in trading on the DSE entered the list of gainers. On the contrary, the price of seven has decreased. The prices of the other eight remain unchanged.
In this last week the main value of DSE DSEX increased by 331.74 points or 5.55 percent. The index fell to 146.01 points or 2.38 percent in the previous week.
And the DSE-30 index, which consists of selected good companies, rose by 119.95 points or 5.59 percent last week. The index fell by 55.58 points or 2.53 percent in the previous week.
Along with the main and DSE-30 indices, the DSE Shariah index, which comprises companies governed by Islamic Shariah principles, rose after three straight weeks of decline. Last week this index increased by 66.99 points or 5.12 percent. The index fell by 36.89 points or 2.74 percent in the previous week.
Along with the rise in all the indices, the transaction volume also increased. An average of Tk 1,117.2 million was traded on DSE every working day last week. In the previous week, the average daily transaction was Tk 633 crore 83 lakh. That is, the average transaction per working day has increased by 377 crore 89 lakh taka or 59.62 percent.
During the last week, the total transaction in DSE was Tk 5 thousand 58 crore 64 lakh. Last week, the transaction was 3 thousand 169 crore 19 lakh taka. Accordingly, the total transaction has increased by one thousand 889 crore 45 lakh taka or 14.38 percent.
Beximco shares were the most traded in rupee terms on DSE last week. During the week, the shares of the company were traded at 363 crore 60 lakh five thousand taka, which is 7.19 percent of the total transaction.
The shares of Fortune Suze, which is in second place, were traded at Tk 195 crore 75 lakh 42 thousand. Sonali Paper is in third place with a transaction of Tk 151 crore 79 lakh 51 thousand.
Apart from this, the list of top 10 trading institutions includes Malek Spinning, Delta Life Insurance, Intraco Refueling Station, IPDC Finance, Orion Finance, Matin Spinning and KDS Accessories.

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