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Bangladesh - March 28, 2023

Mauritania welcomes Bangladesh’s contract farming proposal

Diplomatic Correspondent: Mauritania, one of the largest countries in West Africa, has welcomed the ‘contract farming’ proposal to cultivate the arable land of Mauritania by Bangladeshi entrepreneurs and businessmen. During his recent visit to Mauritania, the non-resident ambassador of Bangladesh, Mohammad Zulkar Nayen, proposed contract farming offer for Bangladeshis in a bilateral meeting and which is cordially accepted by the Minister of Agriculture of Mauritania, Yahya Ahmed Al Wagf. The Minister expressed his high satisfaction that Bangladesh and Mauritania will work intensively in the future to achieve food security for not only both countries but also rest of the parts of the world.
He congratulated the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for the right leadership in the overall development of Bangladesh and mentioned the hard workers of Bangladeshi people and said that the initiative taken by Mauritania to release the large arable land in the southern region to the private sector by April this year will create potential opportunities for Bangladeshi businessmen and entrepreneurs.
He emphasized on the application of the latest technology, which will pave the way for the implementation of commercial agricultural activities instead of extracting the existing natural agricultural resources in Mauritania.
It should be noted that the ambassador of Bangladesh visited the large plains of Rosso and Buga in the southern part of Mauritania, through the Senegal River, courtesy of the Mauritanian Investment Board.
There are possibilities and opportunities for raising various types of livestock including wheat, corn, paddy, watermelon cultivation in this region. Meanwhile, a company from Saudi Arabia is producing onion, garlic, watermelon and exporting it to the European market.

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