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Entertainment - May 27, 2021

Mim on small screen again for Eid drama!

Entertainment: Actress Bidya Sinha Saha Mim left small screen drama after being busy in movies. It has been several years. Currently the new news is soon this heroine will be seen in the TV drama again. The news was confirmed by Kamruzzaman Babu, the head of Nagarik TV. He said, a special drama is scheduled for Eid titled ‘Dushtu Mishti Prem’ starring Mim along with actor FS Nayeem who will be paired opposite of her. The play is written and directed by Tariq Muhammad Khan in the story of Saleh Ahmed. Meanwhile, Mim has expressed a little surprise saying, ‘I do not even

remember the play properly it was probably 7/8 years ago that I have worked in it but did not know that it had not been publicized for so long.’ The play will be broadcast on the sixth day of Eid at 9 pm.
Meanwhile, in addition to Mim’s ‘Dushtu Mishti Prem’, Nagarik TV has organized several star-studded dramas this Eid. Among these, special drama ‘Bhai Ek Premik Mastan’ will be aired on Eid day. The play starring Apurba, Mehzabin is composed and directed by Sanjay Barua. Tawsif, Safa Kabir starrer drama ‘Je Chilo Amar’ will be broadcast on the second day of Eid, written and directed by Sohail Arman. On the third day of Eid Toya, Shaon’s ‘Khunsuti Prem’ will be broadcast. Directed by Anis Rahman and scripted by Abdullah Al Muktadir. Tawsif, Farin starrer ‘Will You Marry Me’ will be broadcast on the fourth day of Eid.

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