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Bangladesh - January 6, 2024

Ministers facing hard competition

Mahfuja Mukul: The 12th National Assembly election will be held today. In this election, several ministers and state ministers are facing intense competition with party independent candidates. Some of them may end up losing the election.
Many parties, including BNP, one of the largest political parties in the country, are not participating in this election. However, Awami League has encouraged independent candidates in the elections. Because of this, like other constituencies, independent candidates of Awami League have contested in the seats of Ministers and Ministers of State.
Those concerned say that in all other elections, local leaders and activists would have faced punishment if they worked for candidates other than party candidates. This time the picture is different. Local leaders and activists are also working for everyone without hindrance. Due to this, independent candidates are getting benefits.
Deepu Moni-Shamsul Haque
Former President of District Awami League and former Member of Parliament Shamsul Haque Bhuiyan who is unwilling to give concession to Awami League Joint General Secretary and Education Minister Dipu Moni in Chandpur-3 Constituency. Currently, he is serving as an executive member of the National Council of Awami League. He is competing in the eagle symbol.
According to local sources, both the candidates are conducting public relations and yard meetings in the area as part of the election campaign. Dr. Shamsul Haque Bhuiyan thinks that this election will be remembered as an example of acceptable and impartial elections. So, everyone will come to the polling station and vote for him.
On the other hand, mass communication and yard meeting to the voters. Dipu Moni said voting is a civic right and duty. His question, if I have done good work for 15 years and if I have not done bad work, then why should I pass the election with low marks? I will pass by getting more marks.
Dastgir Ghazi-Shahjahan Bhuiyan
Jute and Textiles Minister Golam Dastgir Gazi has again received Awami League nomination in Narayanganj-1 constituency. His main rival is RupganjUpazila Awami League General Secretary and three-time Upazila Parishad Chairman Shahjahan Bhuiyan.
Constituencies were active in showdowns, alternating meetings and campaigns of party and independent candidates. Election wind is also blowing in neighborhood tea shops.
Golam Dastgir Gazi said, I have been developing Rupganj for 15 years. I believe people will vote for development not me. The new will vote whoever they want. We are not expressing any fear about the election. We want the election to be more festive with everyone’s participation. We welcome everyone. So, no worries here.
Independent candidate Shahjahan Bhuiyan said, one of the reasons for my candidacy in the election is to stand by the oppressed people of Rupganj. We want to recover their occupied land. If I am elected, I will work to eliminate weapons and drugs in Rupganj. The people of Rupganj are with me.
Nurul Majid-Saiful Islam
Industry Minister Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun has become Awami League’s candidate for Narsingdi-4 constituency. Saiful Islam Khan Biru, the five-time elected chairman of Manohardi Upazila, is running as an independent candidate.
Talking to the general voters, it is known that two candidates are officially seeking votes. There is a glimpse of fierce rivalry between them.
Sadhan Chandra -Khalekuzzaman
Awami League’s candidate for Naogaon-1 constituency is Khalekuzzaman Tota, a member of NiamatpurUpazila Awami League, who is a strong rival of Food Minister Sadhan Chandra Majumdar. He is the five-time elected chairman of Chandannagar Union Parishad. Apart from this, he is the former Vice President of NiamatpurUpazila Awami League.
Nuruzzaman Ahmed-Sirajul Haque
Social Welfare Minister Nuruzzaman Ahmed is contesting in Lalmonirhat-2 seat. District Awami League vice-president and former chairman of AditmariUpazila Parishad Sirajul Haque is competing with him.
Social Welfare Minister and Awami League candidate Nuruzzaman Ahmed’s younger brother Mahbubuzzaman Ahmed participated in the election campaign of independent candidate Sirajul Haque. Mahbubuzzaman Ahmed is the Chairman of KaliganjUpazila Parishad.
Mozammel Haque-Rezaul Karim
Gazipur-1 Constituency got the party symbol boat for the fourth time in a row, Liberation War Affairs Minister and Gazipur District Awami League President AKM Mozammel Haque. His rival Truck symbol independent candidate KaliakairUpazila Awami League general secretary and former upazila chairman Rezaul Karim Russell.
It is known that independent candidate Rezaul Karim Russel’s biggest strength is former General Secretary of Gazipur Metropolitan Awami League and former mayor of City Corporation, Advocate Mohammad Jahangir Alam. The constituency has 18 wards of Gazipur metropolis. Those areas of the metropolis are dominated by Jahangir Alam. Due to which independent candidate Russell is blessed by Jahangir. Jahangir Alam and his supporters have entered the field to win Russell in this seat.
Zahid Ahsan Russell-Kazi Alim Uddin
State Minister for Youth and Sports Zahid Ahsan Russell is the boat in Gazipur-2 seat. There are two more independent candidates of Awami League in the seat. One is former senior vice-president of Gazipur Metropolitan Awami League, brave freedom fighter Kazi Alim Uddin, the other is joint convener of Gazipur Metropolitan Jubo League Saiful Islam.
Former mayor Jahangir Alam is working on behalf of Kazi Alim Uddin. Jahangir’s campaign for independent candidates in two constituencies created a new voting equation in Gazipur.
On December 18, Jahangir Alam said to the leaders and activists about taking an independent candidate’s side, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has decided that everyone can vote. No candidate should win unopposed. We wish to present a fair and competitive election to the honorable Prime Minister and the Election Commission. We have become candidates for that purpose. Let no one misinterpret this. Awami League is in the blood of all of us. We are Awami League by birth.

Enamur Rahman-Murad Jang
Awami League’s candidate for Dhaka-19 constituency is State Minister for Disaster Management and Relief Enamur Rahman. Two independent candidates of Awami League are competing against him. They are – Awami League former member of parliament Talukder Md. Tauhid Jang alias Murad and Ashulia Thana Awami League General Secretary Muhammad Saiful Islam.
It has been found that State Minister Enamur is facing fierce competition due to two candidates. The final result will be known on January 7.
Shahriar Alam-Rahenul Haque
State Minister for Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam has been nominated for Rajshahi-6 seat for the fourth consecutive time. His main rival is independent candidate and former MP veteran freedom fighter Rahenul Haque Raihan. He was elected as a candidate of Awami League in the 1999 by-election in this seat.
According to local sources, the leaders and activists of a part of the party have entered the field in favor of Rahenul Haque. There is a possibility of a tough fight between Rahenul and Shahriar in this election.
Mahbub Ali-Barrister Sumon
Former Jubo League leader Barrister Syed Syedul Haque Sumon is competing with Awami League candidate Biman State Minister Mahbub Ali in Habiganj-4 seat.
Barrister Sumon is active in the field of election by competing with Awami League candidate. He is competing with the eagle symbol. It has been found that since the start of the election campaign, these two candidates and their workers have been going from village to village trying to attract the general voters to their side. Observing the overall situation, there is a glimpse of a bone-to-bone fight between them.
Farhad Hossain-Abdul Mannan
State Minister for Public Administration Farhad Hossain has again been nominated by Awami League for Meherpur-1 constituency. Two-time former Member of Parliament Professor Abdul Mannan has stood as an independent candidate to fight against the boat symbol candidate. Zainal Abedin, another former member of parliament of the party, is also in the race. However, Farhad Hossain and independent candidate Abdul Mannan appear to be more active.
Locals say that there will be a fierce competition between Abdul Mannan and Farhad in the election.
Junaid Ahmed -Shafiqul Islam
Awami League’s nominated candidate ICT State Minister Junaid Ahmed Palak’s boat and recently resigned SingraUpazila Parishad Chairman Shafiqul Islam Shafiq’s eagle symbol fight is likely to be crowded in Natore-3 seat.
Palak will attract the votes of new and young people to build a hi-tech park for visible development and employment of the unemployed. On the other hand, in 15 years, Shafiq will attract the votes of the privileged and marginalized people of the party.
State Minister Junaid Ahmed Palak said, I firmly believe that the people of Natore-3 (Singra) constituency have got development, service and good governance by voting for the boat symbol for the last 15 years; They will once again express their confidence and support to that boat. On January 7, the people of Singra will express their gratitude to the popular leader Sheikh Hasina by casting a large number of votes in boat marks from Natore-3 constituencies.
Shafiqul Islam Shafiq told, I served as upazila vice chairman once and upazila chairman twice for about 15 years with the love of Singra people. In the face of the demands of the people of Sindh, I participated in the National Assembly elections as an independent candidate. Hopefully, this time the hopes of deprived people will be reflected. I will continue the development of Sheikh Hasina by winning the people’s vote.

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