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Biz World - June 29, 2022

Mongla port makes record in car import

Khulna Bureau: Mongla port has set a record in car imports leaving Chittagong behind. In the fiscal year 2021-22, 20,608 vehicles have been imported through this port, which is the highest ever. On the other hand, 13,913 vehicles were imported to Chittagong port at the same time.
According to the Mongla Port Authority, 6,909 vehicles were first imported through Mongla Port in 2009. After that, car imports continued to increase.
Director (Traffic) of Mongla Port Authority Mostafa Kamal said 80 per cent of the country’s total imports of vehicles were imported through Mongla Port in the fiscal year 2021-22. And 40 percent has been imported through Chittagong port. In this financial year, 34,063 vehicles have been imported in the two ports of the country. Of these, 20,608 vehicles were imported through Mongla port and 13,913 through Chittagong port.
Rear Admiral Mohammad Musa, chairman of the Mongla Port Authority, said car imports at the Mongla port were on the rise. The reason, he said, was the announcement of various incentive packages by the port authorities to the importers, unloading of vehicles from the port in a short span of time, construction of improved sheds and yards to house imported vehicles and round-the-clock patrol and CCTV monitoring to ensure vehicle safety.
Rear Admiral Mohammad Musa further said that the importers have chosen this port as it saves time and money. Now that the Padma Bridge has been launched, more opportunities have been created for traders. Traders can easily reach Dhaka by road in just three and a half hours by importing cars. They will benefit more from this.
He also said that due to the improvement in the road system, there will be an increase in car imports and a lot of work will be done in this port.
Bangladesh Reconditioned Vehicles Importers and Dealers Association (Barbida) President. Habibullah Dawn said that with the opening of the Padma Bridge, more than a hundred vehicles imported by our traders have reached Dhaka in three and a half hours through Mongla port. With the opening of the bridge, the interest in importing cars through this port has increased.
It is known that the distance from Dhaka to Chittagong port is 260 km, there is Mongla from Dhaka. The distance to the port is 180 kilometers. That is why the importers were able to reach different parts of the country including Dhaka in a very short time and at low cost after unloading a vehicle from the port.

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