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Bangladesh - April 30, 2022

Motorcycle sales increased by 30 pc

Scattering of Eid offers

Mahfuz Emran: In addition to new clothes and shoes for Eid, a large part of the demand for a device or bike-car. Fashionable bikes are in high demand among the younger generation. Eid bike sales also increased by 20-30 percent. In the country, all the domestic and foreign brands together sell an average of about 45,000 bikes a month. This number exceeds 60 thousand in the month of Eid.
Motorcycle companies say Corona has been in a slump in Eid sales for the past two years. Now it is over. Meanwhile, many people are buying motorcycles for Eid. Sales have increased like other normal Eids.
Biplob Kumar Roy, CEO of TVS Auto Bangladesh, told that an average of 45,000 motorcycles are sold in the country every month. That has now exceeded 70,000. On an average, sales increase by about 25 to 30 percent due to Eid.
He said sales have increased since the Corona situation became somewhat normal. Even then, during the Corona, the supply of motorcycles and parts of various companies was disrupted. That has some effect. That is why the supply is low. If that were true, sales would be a bit higher.
The increase in sales was also seen on the spot in the motorcycle showrooms of Bangla Motor, Magbazar, Malibagh and Rampura areas. There are more shoppers than usual at the store. Especially young buyers are buying motorcycles on the occasion of Eid. It is like tasting the presence of buyers in every showroom.
Every company is giving special offers on Eid to attract buyers again. Cash and cashback offers of various companies including Bajaj, TVS, Honda are running. The companies are promoting them through various campaigns including social media.
Sadman Sadiq, a buyer at the TVS showroom on Eskaton Road, said there were plans to buy bikes for Eid. The company has given a discount of Tk 20,000 on the bike which is preferred. That’s why I came in a hurry to take it before.
Farhad Hossain, in-charge of Rampura Honda showroom, told that our brand has given cashback up to Tk 9,000 from April 24. Sales have increased a lot. Even after Eid, some buyers buy bikes. All in all, the sale is good.
Niyamul Alam, general manager of Bike Paradise, a distributor of Suzuki brand motorcycles, said sales would have been higher. But the supply of our brand is less than the demand. Many buyers are returning without getting the model of their choice.
On the other hand, Runner is the only name among the domestic brand motorcycles. In 2012, Runner Automobiles started marketing Runner brand motorcycles. Since then, the country’s motorcycle market has built a good partnership.
Asked about the Eid sales, Khandaker Mahfuz-uz-Zaman, head of marketing for Runner Motorcycles, told that Corona has not fully returned to its previous state of sales. However, sales have increased, it has been for the needs of the people.
“I don’t think Corona has seen a 25 to 30 percent increase in sales in the past,” he said. That hasn’t happened yet this year. That will not be more than 15 to 20 percent.
According to the country’s motorcycle manufacturing and marketing companies, the country now has a market of about five and a half to six million pieces of motorcycles per year. Due to Corona, the sales fell below five lakhs in 2020. As the situation is somewhat normal, sales will increase in 2021. About five lakh 90 thousand motorcycles were sold that year. Sales are expected to exceed six lakh this year.
During the Corona period, shops were closed, business was disrupted due to various crises including import of spare parts, but the demand for motorcycles did not decline. During the Corona period, people chose motorcycles as their personal means of transportation to avoid public transport. In addition to that, the demand for motorcycles was good as people who lost their jobs or did not get jobs during the Coronation period were employed in the ride sharing profession. At that time a lot of old motorcycles were also sold.
According to the data, Bajaj is now at the top in selling motorcycles in the country. The market share of the company is about 30 percent. Then there are TVS, Hero, Japanese brands Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha.
Now that these companies have set up factories in the country, the price of motorcycles in the country has come down a lot since 2019. Most of the models of motorcycles of the companies are assembled in those factories.

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