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Bangladesh - April 25, 2024

Mountain girls are trafficked into China

Staff Correspondent: “I came voluntarily. The mistake was mine. Don’t blame anyone. I have no chance to return home. My plane will leave after 10 minutes. Not available on mobile either. Don’t spread bad name in my name.”
On April 2, a hill girl from Burighat Union of Naniarchar Upazila of Rangamati sent this message to her younger sister’s mobile phone. She could not be found a day before. With that message to her sister, she crossed the road to China. Women are in high demand in China. The one child policy has been battered by the fact that the country now has more men than women. Many men are not getting women for marriage.
Trafficking gangs are active in the field to exploit that opportunity. The appearance of the Chinese is similar to the hill ethnic groups of Bangladesh. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the gang members are convincing the hill families with the lure of a better life. After that, young girls and teenagers are being trafficked to China. Many times, marriages are being arranged with the Chinese or fake marriage papers are being made in this country to facilitate this work.
Informed sources say that the gang members have trafficked more than 8,000 girls and women to China in the last seven years. Some of them have been sold into prostitution. Again, many were detained at home and subjected to physical torture. Some fled to save their lives and returned home with painful memories.

Thus, an e-mail was sent to the Chinese Embassy in Dhaka on April 15, asking to know about the trafficking of hill women in the name of marriage. A week has passed, but the embassy has not responded until yesterday Monday.
Police headquarters say they have no specific information on women trafficking in China.
Rangamati Superintendent of Police Mir Abu Tawhid told that there is never any complaint from the victim’s family. But they know things.
Khagrachari Superintendent of Police Mukta Dhar said, “No one has filed a complaint with the Khagrachari police about women’s trafficking.” However, the girl from Naniarchar upazila filed a missing diary at the police station two days after leaving the country. The diary also alleged the involvement of the two in this incident.
Who is target?
Talking to the family members of the victims of Nanyarchar, it is known that six other people from the same area have accompanied the young woman on this trip to China. And the name of a woman named Lima Chakma has come in the trafficking circle. She lived in a flat in Barrister College area of Chittagong. A year ago, she married a Chinese national and moved to China. Lima’s younger brother Limon Chakma and sister Shovarani Chakma are also members of the gang.
Investigations revealed that at least 25-30 more chakras like the Lima Chakmas are working in the hills. After talking to several women rescued after trafficking, it is known that most of the victims of trafficking are girls from low-class families. Lack of family, ignorance of parents, lure of marriage, job and citizenship in China, girls are falling into the trap of Chinese. Some of the families of the victims, who do not want to reveal their names, say that many are stepping on this path despite not being able to keep pace with the mainstream society due to their backwardness in education.
Tk 8 lakh to Tk 20 lakhs transaction
Talking to locals and victims, it is known that the gang makes a minimum transaction of Tk 8 lakh for trafficking a woman. But this money is more or less based on age and appearance. Tk 15-20 lakhs are also traded for younger girls. Most of this money goes into the hands of the gangs. Some money is spent on passport, visa and accommodation in Dhaka. The victim’s family also gets Tk one and a half lakh from here.
Media has obtained a screenshot of a Facebook conversation between members of the trafficking ring. It can be seen that a trafficker named Jassi Chakma promised to pay Tk 4 lakh to a woman to make arrangements. Apart from herTk 4 lakhs, the family of the woman who wants to go to China will also be given money, she said. However, the condition is given to deliver the girl to Dhaka. Sajib Chakma is the master of the circle in which Jassi Chakma works.
Beautification in Dhaka
First, someone was brought from the mountains to Dhaka to organize everything. Women are kept in the capital for a month to enhance their beauty. At one point they were photographed and sent to members of the trafficking ring in China and Taiwan. If a girl likes, a member of the gang makes a Chinese citizen a groom and sends her to Bangladesh. A court marriage with a Chinese citizen is arranged to facilitate obtaining a visa. If married, sometimes quickly, sometimes after two or three months, it is possible to take that woman to China.
Reporters talked to a woman who returned home after being tortured in China. She said that they were taken to China and raised in a kind of auction. Some of them were taken home as real wives. Some are tortured by being locked up in their homes or in sex places.
What local people saying?
On the ground, it has been found that smuggling is taking place from almost all the upazilas of the hills. However, most women are reported to be trafficked from Dighinala in Rangamati Sadar, Jurachari, Barkal, Longadu, Kaukhali and Khagrachari.
Prakash Chakma, a resident of Pankhaiyapara in Khagrachari city, said that she had a cloth business in Pankhaiyapara. A school and college educated girl from Dighinala worked as a salesperson in his showroom. The girl went missing in the first week of last March. Later came to know that the girl left Rangamati and went to Dhaka. Will get married and go to China.
Recently, local people rescued four school-going girls from Ghagra of Kaukhali upazila of Rangamati from the hands of a trafficking ring. Chandra Dewan, head teacher of Ghagra High School, said three girls from Ghagra area have gone to China within a few months.
Who involved in cycle?
When women trafficking started in China 7-8 years ago, one or two people were involved in it. But now there is no single host. Ananta 25-30 chakras work separately. Those who are international members of gangs like themselves are contacting Chinese groups and sending pictures of teenagers and young women who want to go to China.
According to the relevant sources, Sonali Chakma Nico is an active international member of the trafficking ring. Although he is a Bangladeshi citizen, he leads this cycle of women trafficking abroad. Several groups in the country work according to his instructions available online.
The victims alleged that among the other gangs involved in women trafficking are Koli Chakma, Rika Chakma, Chhota Koli Chakma, Priyanka Chakma, Piumani Chakma, Nixon Chakma, Rickon Chakma, Rubita Chakma of Panchari upazila, Pooja Chakma of Rangamati, Heali Chakma of Dighinala in Khagrachari. Poppy Chakma, Barun Chakma, Asha Chakma of Sublong Union of Barkal Upazila of the district, Sajeeb Chakma of Thegamukh area of Bhushanchhara Union, his younger sisters Jassi Chakma, Lisa Chakma, Supam Chakma of Naniarchar Upazila, Ripon Chakma of Mahjanpara of Ghagra Union of Kaukhali Upazila, his wife, Koko Chakma of the same area. and his wife, Sankhmala Chakma of Rangapani area of Rangamati city, Tukkpudi Chakma, Mita Chakma, Tumpa Chakma Shiuli of Uluchhara village of Bhebedi, Limon Chakma of Manikchari, Shobha Rani Chakma, Anjali Chakma of Nabinbazar area of Jurachhari upazila, Lucky Chakma of Mandirachra village of Dumdumya Union, his There are many names including girl Jatika Chakma.
What conscious society is saying
Chittagong Hill Tracts Citizens Committee President Gautam Dewan said, ‘Suddenly, the number of women going to China has increased. That’s what I hear from people. But so far, we do not have the information on how many women have actually gone to China.
When asked, the former Additional IG of Bangladesh Police Nav Bikram Kishore Tripura said, “The government must work to prevent the trafficking of hill women.” The embassy may seek the assistance of Interpol to return those who have stepped into the trap of fraud without realizing it.
Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit (Ramru) founding president and professor of Political Science Department of Dhaka University. Tasnim Siddiqui said, “Women traffickers in India and Pakistan have been stopped by doing many things. Now smuggling has started in China. The government should tighten the law on marrying foreigners. Only then will such trafficking stop. In addition, hill dwellers should be made aware. The government has to take this responsibility.

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