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District - August 12, 2021

MP Dhanu brings love and development for Bhaluka people

Ibrahim Khalil:Alhajj Kazim Uddin Ahmed Dhanu MP, a charismatic politician was born in 23rd March 1966 in Mymensingh. He is currently the Member of Parliament from Mymensingh-11, Bhaluka. He passed his BSc honors, MSS in Political Science and LLB.
Kazim Uddin’s father, Major Afsar Uddin Ahmed was a veteran freedom fighter. In 1990 he participated in Upazila election as a candidate of Awami League and won with huge margin. Kazim Uddin’s mother Alhajj Khairun Nesa Afsar was a freedom fighter too.
Following his father’s step, Kazim Uddin came to politics. As a brilliant achiever, he became the convener of upazila Chhatra League at an early stage. Later he became president of upazila Chhatra League and afterwards became general secretary of upazila Jubo League and that time he took participation in Mallick Bari Union Parishad election and was elected UP Chairman with a great margin.
With his growing popularity, he became Upazila Jubo Leaugue President. Even though, he climbed each and every rung of the ladder successfully, he never forgot the people who made him a success. He was, and is still a people’s man.
Kazim Uddin was elected Member of the Parliament with the nomination of Bangladesh Awami League at the eleventh National Parliament Election in 2018 with huge margin from Mymemsingh-11, Bhaluka. He gave the credit for his victory to the people of Bhaluka.
From the time that he got elected as the people’s representational figure, he made sure that he gave the people of Bhaluka love and development.
With his charismatic vigor he made sure that many development works have been done in the area. He made sure that people don’t suffer during monsoon season by constructing bridges over canal and water-bodies.
He made sure that students get his first priority during his tenure, awarding talented students with scholarships.
During the start of the pandemic he was the first in line to help people. His way of helping people during the Corona becomes an example for the people of Bhaluka.
He never thought twice before helping anyone even at this Corona pandemic. He truly is a man among men.
Kazim Uddin MP distributed relief and aid worth Tk 44 lakhs among the distressed and helpless people of Bhaluka upazila who have lost their works during the Corona pandemic. He also distributed 50 thousand masks among the people for their health safety.
Many development works like bridges, roads, educational institutions’ buildings have been constructed, and some are being constructed during his tenure as a Member of Parliament. Some of the development works are mentioned bellow:
Mollick Bari-Ghurnighat bridge expending Tk 8cr; Mollick Bari-Bayaboho bridge expending Tk 21.5cr; Kumarghata bridge on Bhoraduba Jullur Bazar road expending Tk 7cr; Raju Union Kanihari bridge expending Tk 7cr; Seedstore-Shokhipur road expending Tk 30cr; Bhaluka-Gafargaon road construction; Jamirda-Kashor Paragaon road expending Tk 9.5cr; Damsur-Mamareshpur 2km road expending; Hazirbazar-Nayanpur 2km road; Tamair-Nayanpur 2km road; Batajoor-Palga-Seedstore 2 km road; Bogarbazar-Shantiganj 5km road; Uthura-Morchi-Panchgaon 4km road; Aangargara-Dalua 2km road; Aangargara-Hossainpur 4km road; Academic Buildings of most of the primary schools, high schools, colleges and Madrasas; tender has been invited for the Flood Shelter Centre adjacent to Soail Dakhil Madrasa; different mosques, temples and Tk 16 crore has been allocated for construction of a Model Mosque.
Tk 500 crore has been allocated for the excavation works of different rivers.

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